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Backless Bar Stools

Backless bar stools and counter stools are simply stools without backs. These stools are commonly used in kitchens that want to keep the sightlines open and help keep the focus on the kitchen island countertop.

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Backless bar stools are great if you’re sitting for less than an hour or if you have many guests who are cycling in and out of the stools for brief periods.

If you like to sit for a long time, they can become uncomfortable.

For example, if you like to read the paper in the morning or if you and your guests sit at your home bar for an hour or more, you’ll probably want to lean back and rest at some point. In these cases, stools with backs might be better.

Great for Small Spaces

If there’s limited space in your seating area, these are a great choice — either on their own or combined with stools with backs. For example, you can put two stools with backs at the long end of an island and one backless stool at the short end.

If there’s a walkway or tight space behind a stool (such as appliances, a door, etc.), you may want to choose a backless stool that you can tuck under the island when it’s not in use.

Narrow Backless Bar Stools

If you want narrow backless stools, saddle stools like the Seattle are a great choice. Saddle stools are about 11½ inches deep and 19 inches wide. This is narrow enough to tuck under the overhang of your countertop.

Saddle stools get their name because they usually have a slope in the center of the seat. They’re very popular and you can get them with straight legs or flared legs.

Great for Kitchens and Home Bars

Bar stools without backs compliment any kitchen counter or home bar. They give any room a neat, clean look.

Swivel Seat or Stationary?

Many people wonder if they should get a swivel or stationary backless stool, and the answer might surprise you: it’s not necessary to have a swivel on a backless stool because when you sit down, your tush does the swiveling for you!

Square and Round Seats are Both Comfy

Backless stools come in square or round seats. Square seats are usually stationary, meaning they don’t swivel and their legs go straight down. We find that square seats are just as comfortable as round seats.

Mixing Bar Stools with Backs and Without

Bar Stools with Backs and Backless at the Kitchen Counter - Mix and Match

Shown with the Costa swivel stools

Here’s another way to design your kitchen island with these stools.

If you want four stools at the island, you can place a stool with a back at each end, and two backless in the center. This will give you more room to get in and out of the stools, especially if you have a space issue.

You can also put two backless stools on one side of the island, and two with backs on the other side, directly across. This looks great if a room is divided — if one side of your island is in your kitchen, for example, and the other side is in your living room. If your island divides two rooms, you can even put two totally different types of stools on either side!

Questions? We’re here!

If you have any design questions, email us or send a picture of your home and we will be glad to help! Happy browsing!

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