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Dining Chairs

Featuring the Dara chairs by Darafeev

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and personalization with our modern dining chairs and kitchen chairs.

Our dining chairs offer a wide range of customization options. Choose from an array of fabrics, finishes, and design elements to craft a chair that seamlessly aligns with your style and décor.

Many of our dining chairs come with matching stools, ensuring a harmonized design from your dining area to your bar space. Invest in a chair that you’ll love for years to come. Learn more

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Experience Ultimate Comfort in Dining 

Ensuring a cozy and inviting dining and entertainment space is essential in every home. Elevate your experience with our plush dining chairs tailored to your preferences.

Dining Room Chairs with Arms

For those seeking a relaxed seating posture or the additional security to keep little ones from tumbling, armchairs are an excellent choice. Renowned models such as the 960 and 1202 stand out in this category.

High Back Dining Chairs with Arms

Dive deep into conversations and delightful meals with our high back dining chairs.

The added height not only provides superior comfort, but also adds an element of grandeur to your dining space.

The 960 and 1203 stand out as a favorite amongst high back chairs with arms.

Parsons Chairs – The Modern High Backs

Often dubbed as parsons chairs, these high back variants encapsulate comfort and durability. Explore our collection featuring exquisite designs like the Biscaro.

Low Back Dining Chairs

Perfect for dining spaces that celebrate minimalism, low back dining room chairs are designed to complement standard table heights of 28-32 inches.

They ensure the table remains the focal point, maintaining a streamlined look. Delve into designs like Catalina, 960, and Benton to find your perfect match.

Upholstered Low Back Dining Chairs

An upholstered seat and back spell luxury. Be it fabric, vinyl, or leather, we have an array of options to cater to your aesthetic taste. Top designs include the 960, Metra, Miami, and Marbury.

Leather Dining Chairs

Embrace the timeless luxury of top grain leather chairs. Known for their longevity, often outlasting fabric covers by fourfold, leather chairs are an investment in style and durability.

Our leather collection boasts renowned models like Biscaro and 800A for high back enthusiasts.

Beyond Furniture: The Story of Your Dining Space

Your dining space is a reflection of your taste and your love for comfort. Each chair, fabric choice, and design element tells a story. With our collection, we ensure it’s a story of luxury, comfort, and timeless style.

Dive into a world where every meal becomes an exquisite experience, every conversation more enjoyable, and every moment truly memorable.

Enjoy comfort daily. Inspired by you.

At Barstool Comforts, you can get the quality and durability that you desire and deserve. Whether it’s for your kitchen counter, a commercial bar, a home bar, an outdoor bar, or something else entirely, there’s something in our collection you'll absolutely chair-ish.