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Dining Chairs

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Offering a comfortable place to dine and entertain is an important part of the household. To do that, add comfy dining chairs like these. Whether you need a high back, arms, cushions, or leather, we got you covered.

Dining Chairs with Arms

The most popular chair is one with arms. Arms make it easy for you to relax and keep kids from falling out of the chair. Popular comfy dining chairs with arms are the 960 and the Duke.

High Back Dining Chairs with Arms

For the ultimate in comfort, look for dining chairs with high backs. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the conversation. Popular high back dining chairs with arms include the Clayton, 960, Dora, Vanessa, and Watermill.

High Back Modern Dining Chairs

Chairs with high backs like these are also referred to as parsons chairs and they provide you with unmatched comfort and durability. Popular designs of chairs with high backs are Biscaro, Brentwood, and Treviso.

Low Back Dining Chairs

The standard dining table height is 28-32 inches. Low back dining chairs consist of backs no higher than 34 inches. Often designers opt for low backs so the chairs don’t block the dining table. This helps keep the room looking tidy. We have low back dining chairs with arms, without arms, and upholstered whether you need fabric or leather. Popular designs in this category include the Catalina, 960, Mod, and Benton.

Upholstered Low Back Dining Chairs

When it comes to comfort, look for chairs with upholstered seats and backs. We offer a variety of fabrics, vinyls, and leather to choose from. Popular designs in this category are the 960, Metra, Miami, Marbury, and Dara.

Leather Dining Chairs

Genuine top grain leather is a symbol of luxury and quality. Its strength, supple feel and wear ability set it apart from ordinary fabric coverings. Because leather has an average lifespan four times that of fabric coverings, it’s no wonder why consumers are increasingly discovering the tremendous value it represents.

Popular leather high back chairs include the Biscaro, 960, and Dora.

Popular leather low back chairs include the Mod, Darien, and Gigi.

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