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Beach House
Bar & Kitchen Design Concepts

Shown with the Pismo bar stools by Wesley Allen

Whether it's your home or vacation home,
it's all about finding that perfect beach house design…

What is it?

The beach house design style is intended to evoke a light, breezy, and colorful atmosphere. Its inspiration is drawn from the serene shades of blue and green found in the ocean, the sandy beige hues of the beach, and the vibrant coral tones that remind us of the ocean's vibrant life. The overall effect is intended to create a sense of calm and relaxation, as if you were on vacation at the beach.

Areas best suited for this style

Living spaces that allow ample natural light to filter through create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Light-colored woods, such as grey, white, and whitewashed finishes, are particularly popular due to their resemblance to the natural hues of driftwood.

Challenges of this design

Achieving the perfect shade for each color is crucial when designing a beach-inspired space. Start with a neutral palette of soft greens, greys, and whites, focusing on pastel tones for a calming and soothing effect. It's best to avoid dark and heavy colors that can weigh down the space. For a pop of color, incorporate bright solids, florals, or striped patterns, all of which are commonly used in beach decor.

Ways to make this design happen

To enhance the coastal aesthetic of your rooms, consider accessorizing with vibrant coral, aqua, yellow, and light blue accents. You can achieve this easily by incorporating throw pillows, wall hangings, centerpieces, area rugs, and even a basket of seashells. These small, but impactful touches, can instantly transform your space and infuse it with a beachy vibe.

Creating a Coastal Vibe with the Right Bar Stools

Creating a coastal vibe in your home is all about evoking the relaxed, breezy atmosphere of the seaside. The right beach house bar stools can play a pivotal role in achieving this aesthetic.

  • Embrace Serene Colors: Choose bar stools in calming seaside shades like soft whites, soothing creams, seafoam greens, light blues, and various greens.
  • Choose Natural Materials: Weathered or bleached wood finishes and natural fibers such as rattan and wicker channel the coastal vibe.
  • Keep It Simple: Aim for a design that's straightforward with clean lines, reflecting the simplicity of coastal living.
  • Select Appropriate Fabrics: For any upholstered parts, pick fabrics in hues of seafoam green, light blues, and soft greens with patterns like nautical stripes or motifs.
  • Add Subtle Nautical Details: Incorporate elements that hint at a nautical theme, such as rope detailing or ship-inspired metal hardware.
  • By following these suggestions, you'll find the perfect nautical bar stools to enhance the coastal ambiance in your home, ensuring each moment is infused with the refreshing essence of a seaside breeze.

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Best Bar Stools for Your Beach House

Coastal Fabrics
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MB Iceberg

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Dillon Williamsburg

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