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Outdoor Bar Stools & Tables

In any outdoor space that you plan to spend time in, you need to have comfortable seating. Here are some styles and color combinations that you’ll enjoy looking at – and sitting in! – everyday. + Learn More

Outdoor bar and counter stools have a weatherproof finish, usually two layers or more, that coats their parts.

The upholstery on outdoor chairs is treated with a weatherproof coating. A popular upholstery company is Sunbrella.

The best outdoor stools have metal or aluminum parts that are welded together, not screwed. When the parts are welded, there are fewer gaps where water can get in the stool. This can rust the stool from the inside or rust the screws that hold it together.

We use only the best materials.

At Barstool Comforts, we work with manufacturers that only use the best materials, like weather-resistant fabrics on the seats and special weather-proof finishes on the frames. You can choose your favorite upholstery and metal finish to customize these outdoor stools.

Each stool’s finish starts with a powder-coated undercoating which acts as a sealant to protect the stool’s frame. Another specially bonded powered-coated finish is layered on top of the base sealer to make the frame completely ready for the outdoors.

Even the parts you don’t see are weather-treated. On the seat, the Trendler swivel plate has its own outdoor-ready powder-coated finish. The wood underneath the seats is weather-treated Marine Ply lumber, and a fast-drying foam is used inside the cushions so that when the seats get wet, they’ll dry quickly.

These stools come in three different seat heights — counter, bar, and spectator height. Check out our stool height guide to find out how to choose the right height stool.

How to: Create a Comfortable Outside Space

With a few easy additions, you can make a comfortable space that you can use year-round. Combine color, all-season furniture, and a few choice accessories, and voila — your very own outdoor living room! Here’s how:

Update the colors.

Color can bring new life to your space! There are lots of fun ways to add color to the outdoors:

  • Repaint your home’s front or back door to bring life to your porch or patio.
  • Put new, colorful cushions on your bar stools and chairs.
  • Replace old furniture with new pieces that have colorful seats and coordinated finishes.
  • Hang colored flags, art, bird feeders, or chimes.

Which colors to choose? Solid, bold colors create a fun atmosphere. Greenish blues and yellows give a seaside feel, while yellows, reds, and browns make for a more rustic look. Earth tones create a calm, relaxed feeling, while small patterns, black and white are more sophisticated.

Add comfortable seating.

Comfortable seats invite your family and friends into your outdoor space. Choose a variety of seating options to create a versatile space.

Start with a couple bar stools around a café table, then add lounge chairs, a coffee table, and a sofa-bench. You can make the seats even more comfortable with oversized throw pillows, seat cushions, and back padding.

Many of our outdoor bar stools come with ultra-comfy Sunbrella seat cushions that you can customize with your favorite color or pattern.

Make it pop with décor and accessories.

Seasonal décor and the right accessories will complete your space. Here are a few DIY ideas that add style to your porch or patio:

  • Spray paint your current flowerpots for an updated look
  • Again, spray paint mismatched accessories to coordinate the colors
  • Fill glass jars with river rocks and add a candle
  • Arrange rocks or shells under a glass tabletop
  • Hang a few candle lanterns to make your space a nighttime favorite

Enjoy year-round comfort outdoor stools and tables.

There are limitless ways to customize your outdoor space to make it as comfortable as the inside of your home. Get our outdoor stools with backs or choose one with armrests for extra comfort. 

The right furniture and bar stools are a great addition, especially because you can bring them inside during the winter months.

But that’s not to say you must — we only offer patio stools that are weather-treated for four-season use. If you have the right weather or the right warm clothes, you can enjoy your outdoor living room year-round.

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