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Bar Stools With Arms

If you have room for arms, they can make a stool feel more comfortable and help you relax. Here are a few questions to check to see if arms are right for you… + Learn More

  • Will arms fit, width-wise? Arms will make a stool 3 to 4 inches wider, so be sure to add this to your horizontal measurements. And because you usually spin the stool to get in or out, you’ll need more spinning clearance with arms too.
  • Will the stools not only fit, but also look uncluttered? If you want to put four or more stools in a row, too many arms can create a cluttered look if they’re not spaced far enough apart. Plan to have at least a foot of open space between stools with arms to maintain an uncluttered look.
  • Will arms fit under your counter? We have height measurements for nearly all of our stools with arms. Use these measurements to make sure that a stool’s arms will fit under your counter, or else the stools will butt up against your counter top and you won’t be able to tuck in. Most of our stools with arms fit under standard counter overhangs, but it’s important to know the height of your counter.
  • Will arms bump the legs of your island? If your island has legs, please consider whether or not the legs will be an obstacle. If you have questions, you can always call, write, or send us photos of your space!
  • Will arms bump your island’s decorative apron? Does your counter have a decorative apron or woodwork under the edge? If so, this could interfere with the arms of your barstool.
  • Will the seat be too tight with arms? Our stools with arms are made to accommodate people of all sizes, but for some larger people we recommend wide body stools with arms. Two very popular wide body stools with arms are the Humphrey and the Classic.

Wide body stools also work great for any size person, because the bigger the seat, the more comfortable the stool.

Arms help people use the stool

Arms on stools are great for older people and people with disabilities. They offer a way to prop yourself up as you get in and out of the stool. It’s a nice extra bit of leverage and something to hold onto. They’re also great for small children who need support getting up into the stool.

Mix arms and no-arms for a great look

Mix and match bar stools with arms and without

Shown with the Creation Collection stools

Many of our customers put four stools at their island: one at each end with arms and two with no arms. This not only looks great, it makes a better use of limited space and gives your guests the option of sitting in a stool with or without arms.

Or, you can choose your combination of arms based on your family members. One of our customers uses three stools with no arms at her island, plus one stool at the end with arms for her elderly parent.

How do you like to sit?

Some people find that they like to rest their elbows on the arms with a drink in hand and relax. Others prefer to lean their elbows on the counter — it’s all a matter of preference.

A lot of our customers like to put bar chairs with arms at their home bars because this is where they entertain. The arms help to create a place where everyone can totally relax for hours, and they don’t have to worry about Uncle Ed losing his balance after a fun night at the bar.

Bar stools with arms are a great choice

Barstools with arms really make your home more comfy and cozy. Remember that you can have some stools with arms and some stools without. Furnish your kitchen or home bar to meet your needs and you’ll be happy for years to come.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email. Happy browsing!

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