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Bar Stools With Arms

Featuring the Humphrey Stools by Wesley Allen

Equipping bar stools with arms fosters a more relaxed posture, enhancing your overall seating experience. Learn more

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Key Considerations for Choosing Bar Stools with Arms

Width and Clearance

Keep in mind that arms add an extra 3 to 4 inches to a stool’s width. Ensure this is accounted for in your measurements. Remember, stools with arms might require more space for swiveling in and out. Factor in this extra clearance.

Visual Appeal and Spacing

If you’re planning to line up four or more stools, spacing is crucial. Overcrowding with arms can appear cluttered. Aim for at least a foot of space between stools with arms to maintain a clean, organized look.

Counter Compatibility

We provide height measurements for the majority of our bar stools with arms. Use these dimensions to ascertain if the arms will fit snugly under your counter.

While many of our designs are compatible with standard counter overhangs, always measure your counter’s height to avoid any surprises.

Island Leg Interference

Does your island have protruding legs? Ensure that these won’t obstruct the stool’s arms.

If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help, whether it’s through a call, an email, or even by analyzing photos of your space.

Potential Interference with Decorative Aprons

Some counters feature decorative aprons or intricate woodwork beneath the edge. This could pose a hindrance to the stool’s arms, so it’s essential to check compatibility.

Seat Comfort and Size

While our arm-equipped stools cater to individuals of diverse sizes, we suggest our wide body stools with arms, especially for those seeking additional space.

Two of our most sought-after wide body designs are the Humphrey and the Classic. They offer ample seating space, enhancing comfort for users of all sizes. Remember, a larger seat often equates to a more relaxed seating experience.

The Benefits of Bar Stools with Arms

Support and Accessibility

Counter stools with arms provide an additional support mechanism, especially beneficial for the elderly, people with disabilities, and small children. They furnish a sturdy leverage point to assist in seating and rising, offering safety and comfort.

Stylish and Functional Layout

A popular trend among our clientele is to position four stools around their island: two armless stools in the middle flanked by bar stools with arms on either end.

This arrangement is both aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient, giving guests an option based on their seating preference.

Alternatively, you can customize your stool arrangement to cater to your family’s needs. For instance, a customer preferred three armless stools and dedicated an armed stool at the corner for her elderly parent.

Personal Seating Preference

People’s seating habits vary: while some enjoy the comfort of resting their elbows on the stool arms, perhaps with a drink in hand, others might lean towards the counter. Choose what caters to your comfort!

Perfect for Home Entertainment

Many of our patrons opt for bar chairs with arms at their home bars, especially when entertaining. These armrests ensure guests can unwind for extended periods, minimizing concerns like Uncle Ed’s stability after a lively evening!

Comfort and Versatility in Design

Bar stools with arms infuse an element of coziness into your home. And the beauty lies in the flexibility: you can curate a mix of stools with or without arms, tailoring your space to suit your and your family’s needs.

Connect with Us

If you’re ever in doubt or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via call or email. Enjoy your shopping experience!


Are bar stools with arms more comfortable?

Bar stools with arms often provide several comfort advantages. They offer lateral support, allowing users to rest their arms, reducing shoulder and upper back strain during extended seating. Arms can also offer enhanced stability, especially for the elderly or those with balance issues, serving as leverage points when sitting or standing. Additionally, armrests can encourage better posture by deterring slouching and provide a welcoming, enveloping feel.

Are bar stools with arms suitable for commercial use?

Certainly! Bar stools with arms can be suitable for commercial use, provided they meet certain criteria. In commercial settings, durability and ease of maintenance are paramount. Bar stools intended for such environments should be constructed with robust materials to withstand heavy and frequent usage. Additionally, they should be designed for easy cleaning, considering the high turnover of patrons. The inclusion of arms can offer added comfort and support for customers, enhancing their overall experience.

How much space should be allocated for a bar stool with arms?

When allocating space for a bar stool with arms, several factors come into play. Typically, a bar stool with arms requires more space than its armless counterpart, both in terms of width and turning clearance. On average, armrests can add an additional 3 to 4 inches to the width of a stool. In terms of spacing between stools, it's generally recommended to allow for 6 to 10 inches to prevent overcrowding and to ensure patrons can sit and move comfortably. Furthermore, considering the swivel and entry-exit movement, extra clearance space is necessary for stools with arms. If they're to be tucked under a counter or bar, the height and depth of the arms need to be factored in to ensure they fit without obstruction. As a rule of thumb, when planning the layout, consider both the dimensions of the stool and the intended user experience to achieve a comfortable and functional setup.

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