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Non-Swivel / Stationary Bar Stools

Featuring the Payton Stools by Amisco

Stationary bar stools offer a poised presence, remaining fixed without any swivel or turn capabilities. Typically, their legs extend vertically from the seat without flaring out, bestowing a streamlined and tidy aesthetic. Such stools impart a sophisticated and organized ambiance to any setting. Learn more

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Top Advantages of Stationary Bar Stools

Consistent and Tidy Appearance

Stationary bar stools ensure your seating remains orderly. Unlike swivel stools, which may require frequent adjustments, stationary ones maintain a consistent orientation. It’s similar to having fixed chairs at a dining table; a little straightening now and then keeps everything looking sharp.

Enhanced Safety for Kids

Safety is paramount, especially when kids are involved. Swivel stools can pose risks as curious children might inadvertently cause the seat to spin, potentially leading to falls. Stationary stools, with their stable seat and base design, are a safer option for households with young ones.

Hassle-Free Setup

Ease of setup is a perk! Our stationary bar stools come fully assembled, eliminating the need for complicated instructions or tools. With no moving components, you receive a solid, one-piece design, ready for immediate use.

Stationary vs. Swivel Bar Stools: Which is Right for You?

Design & Placement Considerations
  • Stationary Stools: With their static design, stationary bar stools often incorporate a footrest at the front, aligning with your natural seated position. Ideal for snug corners or against walls, these stools don’t require the pull-away space that swivel stools might need.
  • Swivel Stools: They offer the flexibility to turn, but this can sometimes lead to inadvertent contact with walls or counters, especially during seating or standing. To prevent potential damage, consider padding areas where frequent contact may occur.

Iconic Stationary Design: The Parsons Stool

A timeless choice in the stationary stool category is the Parsons stool. Recognized for its padded back and rectangular seat, the stool showcases minimalism by primarily exposing only the leg material.

Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary ambiance, the Parsons stool, available in various upholsteries, seamlessly integrates. A popular Parsons bar stool is our Biscaro.

Seating Experience

  • Stationary Stools: They promote a more upright posture, given their forward-leaning backrests. This design aligns well for tasks such as dining, crafting, or laptop work, supporting attentiveness and engagement.
  • Swivel Stools: These typically have a slight lean, owing to the under-seat swivel mechanism. For those who prefer a reclined seating experience, tilt swivel stools offer that added flexibility.

Comfort Dimensions

Taller individuals might prioritize seat depth, while broader individuals might value width more. Every product page details these measurements:

  • Seat Depth: Measured from the front to the back of the seat.
  • Seat Width: Spanning from one side to the other.
  • Overall Height: From the ground up to the highest point of the stool’s back.

Need Expert Advice?

Navigating the world of bar stools can seem intricate, but understanding these nuances ensures an informed decision. Whether stationary or swivel, each stool type has its unique merits.

If ever in doubt or seeking tailored advice, our bar stool experts are just an email away, ready to assist you with your queries.

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