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Style Upholstering

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Nestled in Hickory, North Carolina, Style Upholstering Inc. is a beacon of fine furniture craftsmanship with a remarkable journey spanning over 7 decades. This company has cemented its place in the furniture industry, renowned for its dedication to quality and attention to detail. + Learn More

Specialization in Bar Stools and Chairs

At the core of Style Upholstering Inc.’s product line are their bar stools and chairs, each designed with a blend of traditional skill and contemporary aesthetics. These pieces stand out for their robust construction and stylish designs, perfectly suited for both home and commercial environments.

Unmatched Convenience

Setting them apart in the market, Style Upholstering Inc. ensures that every bar stool and chair is delivered fully assembled. This commitment to customer convenience underscores their focus on providing a seamless experience from purchase to use.

A Commitment to Lasting Elegance

With every piece they create, Style Upholstering Inc. doesn’t just offer furniture, but a lasting element of elegance for any space.

Their unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in each item, making them a trusted name for those seeking quality and style in their furnishings.

Wood Frame Construction

Style Upholstering Inc. sets a high standard in furniture making with their meticulous frame construction.

Using kiln-dried hardwood and hardwood laminates, each frame is designed for longevity and stability. The joints are expertly glued and corner blocked, aligning with the highest industry standards to ensure the robustness and durability of every piece.

Advanced Comfort and Support Systems

The heart of their seating comfort lies in the spring system. An 8-way hand-tied coil spring setup, fastened to a polypropylene base and secured with nylon twine, provides unmatched support and comfort.

For designs where this is not feasible, sinuous wire and webbing are used, ensuring flexibility and strength in every seat.

Exceptional Tailoring and Finishing

Every piece from Style Upholstering Inc. is a showcase of expert tailoring. Employing the flow match technique, they achieve maximum pattern match, resulting in aesthetically pleasing furniture.

The commitment to quality extends to full insulation and padding, both inside and outside, enhancing the comfort and visual appeal of their furniture. This attention to detail ensures that each piece is not just functional, but also a work of art.

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