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36 inch Bar Stools: Extra Tall Bar Stools for Extra Tall Bars

Our selection of 36 inch bar stools are perfect for counters and bars that are 50 inches from the ground. These extra tall bar stools also work great in other cases, like with high tables and other seating situations that require a little extra height. + Learn More

Why Purchase 36 Inch Bar Stools?

The 36 inch bar stool is the highest bar stool you can purchase. These extra tall stools are extremely comfortable for all people, especially big and tall people looking for a stool that’s tall enough to let their feet dangle a little. 

Our most popular bar stools at this height are Catalina, Contessa, and Jackie from our Holland brand. These are more traditional or transitional style stools. We also have 1 modern stool at this height from our Trica brand: Nicholas.

Thanks to their tall profile, 36 inch bar stools can offer a notably stylish touch to your bar and counter space. Aside from looking good, our selection of extra tall stools are built to last. Each of our stools have been tested for comfort and durability before we offer them to you. 

How many stools do you need?

These 36 inch bar stools tend to be handmade because of their extra height. They usually have legs that angle to a wide base for better support and stability. 

When you’re calculating how many stools you need, be sure to use the stool’s full width at the base of the legs.

Compared to standard bar stools, fewer 36″ inch stools will be able to fit in a given space. You’ll want to leave more room between your 36 inch stools with armrests. Remember that arms make the stool wider and can reduce the amount of space that people have to get in and out of the stool.

Twelve inches is a good gap between stools without arms and 18 inches is best for stools with arms.

Additional Tips

While you may already have your designs and color selections picked out, there is more to buying an extra tall bar stool then just making sure it looks good at your bar. We always suggest the following tips when searching for the right extra tall stools for your extra tall bar or kitchen counter.

Backless 36-inch Stools Can Be Unsafe

At Barstool Comforts, we don’t recommend backless extra tall bar stools because the lack of back support makes it much easier to fall off — especially when a person’s been drinking!

Armrests Make Your Stool More Stable and Comfortable

We recommend adding armrests to your bar stools for both stability and ease of getting in and out of the seat. The armrests give you something to hold as you sit, and make it easier to turn and look around. They also give you something to grab onto as you climb in and out of the stool.

Steel Frames Are Best

When choosing 36 inch extra tall stools, we recommend buying stools with sturdy steel frames. Stools with steel frames tend to stand up to everyday wear and tear and have the strength to support the bar stool’s extra height. All of our metal stools have strong steel frames, like these top quality stools from Holland.

In fact, we wouldn’t recommend a wood-frame stool with a seat higher than 30 inches. Wood doesn’t give the support that 36 inch bar stools need. It tends to expand and contract, which can loosen the fasteners that hold it together. Wooden footrests can also snap off when you use them to climb in or out of the stool.

A quick safety fix for extra tall bars—raise the floor!

If you have an extra tall bar but you don’t want your guests sitting in a 36 inch stool for safety reasons, try this: build a simple platform in front of the bar, ideally eight feet wide, and put shorter stools on the platform. Consider using a wide platform to eliminate any chance that a guest’s stool would slip off the edge of the platform.

Browse all of our 36 inch extra tall bar stools below. You’ll love the prices and great quality!

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