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Industrial Bar Stools

Featuring the Russell stools by Amisco

Drawing from vintage factory charm, industrial bar stools blend functionality with style, seamlessly fitting modern lofts and kitchens. Learn more

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Blending Industrial Charm with Modern Elegance

Experience an industrial allure seamlessly blending with urban sophistication through our collection of industrial stools.

These uniquely crafted pieces, including our rustic industrial bar stools, embody the raw essence of bygone eras while offering a contemporary flair.

Perfect for those yearning for a touch of vintage ambiance or wanting to infuse an edgy industrial twist in their decor, our stools are not just functional seating, but statement pieces that bridge the past and the present.

The Rise of Industrial Design

The industrial design wave is sweeping across various spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to offices and eateries globally.

With the rise of modern industrial bar stools, it’s evident how this style celebrates the raw beauty of materials like exposed pipes, stainless steel fixtures, and the harmonious amalgamation of wood and metal.

Metal Industrial Bar Stools

Enhance your interiors with our collection of metal industrial style bar stools. While some showcase the rugged beauty of wood and metal, others exude elegance with sleek metal frames, paired with plush fabric or vinyl finishes.

Special mentions to designs that come adorned with a hammered backrest, amplifying the industrial vibe.

Customized Comfort & Support: Backrests to Suit Your Style

Choose from an array of backrest styles, from high to low, cross to ladder, or even unique designs like bean-shaped and mission-backed. Those favoring a sleeker profile can opt for stools sans backrests, ensuring aesthetics meet comfort.

Find Your Ideal Height: From Counter to Bar and Beyond

We cater to diverse seating preferences, from cozy 26-inch counter-height stools to the more towering 30-inch bar-height options.

And for an elevated seating experience, consider our 34-inch spectator-height stools.

We also feature adjustable industrial bar stools, enabling seamless transition from counter to bar height. These versatile stools cater to those seeking optimum seating comfort. Noteworthy designs in our collection include the Architect and the Dodge.

Tailored Just For You: A Palette of Choices

Our bespoke barstools are not just mere seating options; they are a reflection of your unique aesthetic preferences. Dive into a rich tapestry of wood stains, metal finishes, fabric shades, and vinyl colors.

For those with a penchant for classic tones, our black industrial bar stools provide a timeless choice, while the gray industrial bar stools offer a contemporary and sleek edge to any setting.

Especially for those with a penchant for the raw, vintage look, our industrial style bar stools provide an ideal choice.

They seamlessly weave the age-old charm of the industrial era with modern design, ensuring that you can craft a piece that not only mirrors your decor aspirations but also tells a story of timeless elegance.

For Kitchens, Offices, Game Rooms, and Man Caves

From chic urban kitchens and avant-garde offices to lively game rooms and plush man caves, our industrial barstools resonate with diverse themes. With their blend of edgy refinement and rustic charm, they’re an assured enhancement to any space.



How tall should an industrial bar stool be?

The height depends on the counter or bar's height. Standard bar stools are typically 28-32 inches tall (suited for 40-42 inch tall counters), while counter stools are about 24-27 inches tall (for 35-37 inch counters).

Do industrial bar stools come with backrests or armrests?

While many industrial bar stools have a backless design, there are models available with backrests [such as the Architect, Russell, Upright] and even armrests [such as the Carson and Zao] for added comfort.

What is the most common feature for industrial bar stools?

The primary feature is the stool's metal framework. Rivet details, which enhance its rugged appearance, are the second most prevalent feature.

Are industrial bar stools comfortable?

While many industrial bar stools have a minimalist design, many models offer padded seats or ergonomic designs.

Are there any trending designs or features for industrial bar stools right now?

Trends can change over time, but features like mixed materials (e.g., wood and metal), distressed finishes, and minimalist designs are often popular in industrial decor.

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