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All About
Farmhouse Kitchen Design Concepts

Bar Stool at Kitchen Island

An Introduction to Furnishing a
Truly Chic Farmhouse Kitchen Experience

What is it?

A Farmhouse design kitchen is characterized by its comfortable and rustic feel, created through the use of practical and simple materials such as weathered wood, peeling paint, and clean lines. Soft neutral colors and natural wood tones contribute to a sense of serenity and relaxation while evoking a historic, farm-style setting.

History & Appeal

Farmhouse kitchen design has its roots in the practical and hardworking nature of rural life. Historically, these spaces were the heart of the home, combining the warmth of the hearth with the utility of a workspace. The style evokes a sense of nostalgia, bringing the simplicity and earnestness of country living into modern homes. Today, the Farmhouse kitchen is cherished for its cozy, welcoming atmosphere, and its appeal lies in the way it balances rustic charm with modern convenience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a chic yet functional kitchen space.

Areas best suited for this style

Incorporating checked window treatments, distressed wood paneling, and butcher block top islands, a Farmhouse design kitchen is the perfect space for those looking for a unique and rustic look. To complete the farmhouse feel, consider adding barn door style cabinets and bare wood floors, as opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting or bright colors.

Challenges of this design

One of the challenges of achieving the Farmhouse design style is keeping things simple. While distressed woods are a signature feature, it's important not to go overboard with additional decorative elements. When it comes to flooring, bare wood floors work best, but area rugs can also be incorporated to add warmth to the space. Avoid using bright colors, which can detract from the calming and rustic vibe of the Farmhouse design.

Farmhouse Design Styles

  • Rustic Farmhouse — Made of heavily distressed woods, this style features thick and bulky furniture pieces that exude a rustic feel.
  • Country Farmhouse — This inviting style combines floral patterns with weathered woods and aged metals. Furniture is plush and looks well-loved, with handmade textiles and pottery as artisanal accents.
  • French Farmhouse — This style incorporates ornate curved shapes, Queen Anne legs, and rustic, natural distressed finishes, creating a charming and elegant look.
  • Modern Farmhouse — A blend of natural textures and galvanized steel with natural wood accents, this style offers a more contemporary twist on the classic farmhouse design.
  • Colonial Farmhouse — This style is characterized by distressed Windsor and ladder-back style chairs and generally features dark woods, adding a touch of traditional elegance to the space.
  • Traditional Farmhouse — This style features classic furnishings that might feel outdated, yet simple and predictable, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Industrial Farmhouse — A mixture of distressed steel and rustic woods, this style offers a rugged and raw look, perfect for those looking for a more unconventional and edgy design.

How to Choose a Farmhouse Kitchen Bar Stool

Choosing a farmhouse kitchen bar stool involves considering both style and function to ensure they fit seamlessly into your kitchen design. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice:

  • Style Consistency — Farmhouse decor typically features a rustic, country aesthetic with a warm and inviting feel. Look for bar stools that embody this style with natural materials like wood or metal with a distressed finish. The design should be simple and functional, possibly with a touch of vintage charm.
  • Height and Comfort — Measure the height of your kitchen bar or island to determine the appropriate stool seat height. There should be about 10 to 12 inches of space from the seat to the underside of the countertop for comfortable seating. Consider stools with back support, especially if you plan on sitting for long periods.
  • Color and Texture — Neutral colors like whites, grays, and natural wood tones are common in farmhouse designs. Nevertheless, incorporating a pop of color with your country style bar stools can inject personality into the space. Textured fabrics or woven seats can also add depth and interest.
  • Functionality and Space — If your space is limited, consider backless stools that can be tucked away under the counter. Swivel stools or adjustable height stools offer flexibility, which can be useful in a multi-use space.
  • Budget — Set a budget before you start shopping, but be willing to invest in quality pieces that will last. It’s often worth paying a bit more for stools that are well-constructed and comfortable.

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