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Create additional seating in your entryway or foyer, bedroom, living room, or at the end of a dining table with any one of our upholstered benches. These are designed with comfort in mind.

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When you’re shopping benches, we urge you to keep comfort in mind. Often a design can look appealing, but can be very uncomfortable. After awhile, the bench ends up being the place that collects coats and such.

The ones we offer all come with an upholstered seat in your choice of fabric, vinyl, and sometimes leather.

We carry a variety of designs and features. Below, are some of the highlights from this collection.

Custom Made Benches

Just like with all of our furniture, these are customizable. Simply select your wood or metal finish and upholstery. Free samples are available!

Settee Benches with Arms

Currently, our Marzan, Mila, and Zara offer arms on the sides of the bench. Arms can help the person at the end relax or if you place a bench in your entryway, it can provide support for when you’re putting shoes on.

Metal Benches

Benches like the Athena and Mila are made of solid steel and are sought after because of their strength and durability. Metal is going to allow you to add more weight to it than wood.

We offer beautiful metal benches for your entryway, living room, bedroom, and dining rooms.

Two of our favorite end-of-bed benches are the Alexa and Athena.

Storage Bench

For a quality storage bench, we recommend the Treviso made by Darafeev. Simply lift up the top to reveal storage inside. Store shoes, bags, and more.

For the bedroom, you can store additional clothes, blankets, pillows, and books.

In the dining room, a storage bench can hold additional kitchen accessories, kids toys, placemats, and seasonal decor.

Kitchen & Dining Bench Seating

Benches have been increasing in popularity in the dining area because they add visual appeal and extra seating space. Kids also like them because they can sit together with siblings.

However, as we’re all about comfort, there is only one caveat to kitchen bench seating and that is if you have three people sitting on a bench, it may be tough for the person in the middle to get up and out.

With that said, we recommend bench seating for two at the dining table. This allows both people to be comfortable and get in and out when they need to.

Various Bench Sizes

Benches come in all shapes and sizes and we have a variety of them here at Barstool Comforts.

If you’re shopping for a dining room bench, keep an eye on the space between your table legs. If you order a bench that is the same width as your table, the bench won’t be able to slide under your table.

If you’re shopping for a bedroom bench, you will often want to stay with the same width or length as your bed. If your bench is not as wide as your bedroom, it may look odd with extra space to the left and to the right of your bed.

If you’re shopping for an entryway bench, look for a size that fits your space and the function you need it for. For example, if you have kids, you may need a wider bench so 2-3 kids can sit down at a time.

60-Inch Benches

The most popular size bench is 60 inches wide as it allows 2-3 people to sit comfortably.

Our 60-inch benches come upholstered, with arms or backless, and storage.

We also offer 52.5-62″ wide benches.

Bar Height Bench

Our #907 wood bar stool bench is perfect for game rooms or billiard rooms looking to take a seat and keep an eye on the action.

You can also place this bench in your living room with a pub table and create a set.

As you can see, benches have a lot of use and can help maximize the function in a room.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at 855-828-5661.

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