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Narrow Bar Stools

Featuring the Dumas stools by Wesley Allen

Narrow bar stools are typically no more than 18 inches wide and are very useful in small kitchens. If you don’t have much room in your area, these space saving bar stools will give you the walkway you need to get in and out of the space. Learn more

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Advantages of Choosing Narrow Bar Stools for Your Space

Streamlined Aesthetics

Opt for narrow counter stools to achieve a modern, streamlined look in your kitchen.

The slim design of skinny bar stools ensures they don’t dominate the room, maintaining an airy and organized feel.

For instance, where you’d fit two broad stools, three narrow ones can easily take their place, optimizing space efficiently.

Versatility in Design

Narrow bar stools span from stationary to swivel, square to round.

Whether your décor is ultra-modern, contemporary, traditional, or something in between, there’s a narrow counter stool that matches it.

And with available sizes ranging from counter to bar and spectator height, you’ll find the perfect fit for every individual.

Selecting a Narrow Bar Stool

Space Considerations

If you’re working with limited space, opt for armless stools. They can save you 2-6 inches horizontally per stool. If space isn’t a constraint, stools with armrests add a touch of comfort.

Measurement Tips

Always measure based on the widest part of the stool. Avoid surprises by considering stools with flared legs at their broadest point. Unsure about a stool’s dimensions? Reach out to us.

Perfect Pairings

Consider pairing narrow bar stools with 30-inch round pub tables for those cozy corners by a window or in the kitchen. They’re an ideal choice for spaces that demand minimalist furniture.

Mix and Match for Style and Function

There’s no rule against mixing stools with and without backs. In fact, many of our small bar stools come with matching backless versions.

Too many bar stools with backs can sometimes feel crowded. An idea? Line up three bar stools with backs and add a backless bar stool one for a refined look.

Plus, storing a couple of extra backless stools can come in handy for additional seating during special occasions.

Attention to Our Taller Customers

If you’re on the taller side, note that some narrow counter stools may not offer enough seat depth.

We ensure the comfort of all our stools. Our narrow stools are designed to be wide enough for comfort, eliminating the dreaded “bicycle seat” feel.

In Conclusion

Selecting the right bar stool is about balancing style, space, and comfort. Rest assured, our range of small and narrow bar stools offers the best of all three.

Whether you’re maximizing a small space or aiming for a sleek look, our space saving bar stools are an excellent choice.

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