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Narrow Bar Stools

Narrow bar stools are typically no more than 18 inches wide and are very useful in small kitchens. If you don’t have much room in your area, these stools will give you the walkway you need to get in and out of the space. + Learn More

Choose narrow bar stools for an uncluttered look

Because narrow or “skinny” bar stools take up less room at a counter or island, they don’t overwhelm the area. This helps to create a sleek, uncluttered appearance. Three narrow bar stools can fit in the same space as two wide body stools.

Narrow bar stools are versatile

Narrow bar stools can be stationary or swivel in either square or round design. They come in any style: ultra-modern, contemporary, traditional, and more.

Just like most of our stools, our narrow ones come in counter height, bar height, or spectator height. People of any size can find a narrow stool that’s comfortable for them. Ask us — we can offer suggestions to match your height.

How to choose narrow bar stools for your home

If you have a limited seating area, you might want to choose stools without armrests. This will save you 2-6 inches of horizontal space per stool. If you have plenty of space, then stools with arm rests are a great pick.

If you measure for stools based on an 18 inch seat width, make sure that you don’t order a stool with legs that flare out wider than the seat. On the flip side, if you like a barstool with flared legs, use the widest point of the stool for your measurements before you order. If you’re not sure how wide a particular stool is, get in touch.

Narrow bar stools go great with small 30 inch round pub tables. If you have a small area in the corner of a kitchen or next to a window, and you want something that’s not going to take up much space, narrow barstools are just right.

Ideas for combining narrow stools with and without backs

You can mix and match stools with and without backs. Lots of our narrow barstools have matching backless stools. People combine stools with and without backs because sometimes too many backs can look overwhelming or cluttered.

For example, you can put three narrow stools with backs along the length of your bar or counter, and put a fourth backless stool at the end of the counter. This “hides” the fourth stool and creates a sleeker look.

If you don’t have much room at the counter, you can keep an extra backless stool or two in the corner of the room, and move them to the counter whenever you need extra seating — for holidays, parties, etc.

A note for tall people

Many taller people find that narrow stools usually aren’t deep enough in the seat. “Not deep enough” means that the seat ends midway down the backs of the thighs, which isn’t very comfy.

Don’t worry — it won’t be too narrow!

We don’t carry any narrow stools where the seat is too narrow and uncomfortable. To us, a stool is too narrow if the seat is only 9-10 inches wide. We compare this style to a bicycle seat — don’t worry, we won’t put you through that!

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