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Upholstered Bar and Counter Stools with Nailheads

Bar stools with decorative nailhead trim breathe elegance, solidity, refinement, and historical appreciation to the room.

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Nailhead embellishments are often found in traditional seating such as bar stools and dining chairs. Recently, they gained popularity in more modern designs which add a beautiful contrast to the piece.

Nailheads are typically applied along the base of the seat, but can also be found outlining the backrest or bordering padding armrests.

This trim makes a piece of furniture look formal, modern, or rustic.

When you combine nailhead trim with formal aesthetics like button-tufting, then you’re entering a new level of luxury.

At Barstool Comforts, we carry an exclusive set of bar stools and counter stools. We also carry the uncommon, but most demanded 34″ spectator height, available with nailheads.

Nailheads typically come in two sizes:

  • Small nailheads look refined and classic.
  • Large nailheads often become the focal point and can look rustic and command attention.

They also come in a variety of finishes such as:

Nickel Nailheads

If you’re looking for a glamorous touch, we recommend nickel, silver, or chrome studded nailheads. They can be matte or shiny and these can really pop against darker colors like black, charcoal, navy, burgundy, or red.

Brass Nailheads

Brass nails can bring a formal touch to any piece. They are typically a matte yellow or a shinier gold and pop against dark colors like black. Pair them with a brown or light tan fabric to look in sync.

Copper Nailheads

Copper nails paired with a black or brown leather are a perfect marriage. This color is a medium brown mixed with some gold. It comes in a small size and a large decorative size.

Vintage or Aged Nailheads

Hammered nailheads create a rustic vibe and are perfect on bar stools and chairs that are going in a cabin or farmhouse. Pair these nailheads with a cowhide fabric or a distressed leather with crackling. Natural characteristics such as these add character to the piece.

We urge you to browse our collection of high quality bar stools with studded nailheads from our brands Darafeev and Fairfield Chair. We’re certain you’ll find something you’ll treasure for life.

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