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Custom Made

Featuring the Creation Collection stools by Trica

Your Story

There’s a story behind every custom made piece of furniture you will own. From selecting the frame finish to the cushion, your choices reflect your personality, and allow you to bring your vision to life.

The Reality

However, we live in a world where most of the furniture on the market is produced in bulk. This means that items come in only 1-2 colors and are mass produced in a factory all at once.

This doesn’t give the item the attention and care it deserves. Often, this goes hand-in-hand with cheaply made furniture which breaks down in a few years.

But why has it become the norm that we expect to replace items every few years?

Let’s Demand Better

As consumers, we must demand better.

Long lasting furniture should be at the forefront of every design.

Our Priority

That’s why we laser-focused our company on custom made furniture.

It means our furniture is handmade by an expert who’s priority is to ensure every detail is in place. Every corner is finished. Every cushion is tightly pulled. Every stain is applied evenly.

When you own custom, you’re supporting quality. You’re saying, “Yes! I deserve better.”