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Designing your Home or Commercial Space with Gray Bar Stools

Linea gray bar stools by Amisco

Gray never goes out of style.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern look or a more traditional vibe, grey bar stools can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. With their understated elegance, grey bar stools can elevate the look of your kitchen while providing you with comfortable seating for your family and guests.

Read on to discover why grey bar stools are a must-have addition to your home.

6 Reasons to Choose Gray Bar Stools

Timeless Elegance

Gray is a classic color that never goes out of style. By choosing gray bar stools, you’re investing in a timeless piece of furniture that will look great for years to come.


Gray is a neutral color that can complement any home decor style, from traditional to modern. This means you won’t have to worry about matching your bar stools with your existing furniture, and you can easily change up your decor without having to replace your stools.

Easy to Accessorize

Gray bar stools provide a perfect backdrop for accessorizing with colorful items such as appliances, fruit bowls, and backsplashes. This means you can easily add pops of color to your kitchen without overwhelming the space.


If you move, gray bar stools can easily blend into any new kitchen design, which can save you money in the long run. You won’t have to worry about replacing your stools every time you move to a new home.

Creates a Calming Atmosphere

Gray bar stools create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your kitchen, making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy your meals, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

Increasingly Popular

Gray bar stools have become a popular choice for home decor in recent years, with searches for “gray bar stools” nearly doubling since 2018. This means you’ll be investing in a trendy piece of furniture that will add value to your home.

Designing with Classic Gray Bar Stools

Add a Pop of Color to Your Space with Gray Furniture

By adding pops of color to your space, you can create a vibrant and eye-catching look that’s both stylish and inviting. Whether you choose to accent with bold hues like red or orange, or more subtle shades like green or blue, the options are endless.

Take a look at the beautiful way the pops of color in the backsplash, green plant, and olive bottles come alive against the gray furniture.

Gray bar stools in kitchen with pops of color

Shop Gray Bar Stools

Holland's Catalina 820 Swivel Bar Stool in Stainless Steel and Graph Alpine Gray Seat Cushion
^ Catalina Swivel Stool
Shown in Stainless Steel metal and in Graph Alpine fabric
Darafeev's 917 Gray Wood Swivel Bar Stool with Leather Back and Patterned Fabric
^ 917 Swivel Stool
Shown in Ledge Rock wood and in Ziggy Raven fabric
Trica's Biscaro Modern Bar Stool in Brushed Steel and Charcoal Seat and Back Cushion
^ Biscaro Stool
Shown in Brushed Steel metal and in Linoso Charcoal fabric
Amisco's Edwin Silver Swivel Bar Stool with Ladder Back and Dark Gray Wood Seat
^ Edwin Swivel Stool
Shown in 24 Magnetite metal and in 48 Earl Grey wood seat
Wesley Allen's Modern Swivel Bar Stool in Brushed Stainless Steel and Gray Fabric
^ Miami Swivel Stool
Shown in Stainless Steel metal and in Sugarshack Stone fabric
Amisco's Bradley Modern Narrow Backless Bar Stool in Gray
^ Bradley Backless Stool
Shown in 24 Magnetite metal and in BP Pixel fabric

Enrich Your Decor with Gray Bar Stools and Metallic Accent Colors

Pairing gray bar stools with accent colors such as gold or steel in the legs and gray fabric can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or dining area.

By incorporating metallic accents with gray, you can create a luxurious and polished look that perfectly complements your decor.

This combination of colors is ideal for those who want to make a statement and add a touch of glamour to their space.

White bar stools with gray upholstery in modern kitchen
^ White bar stools with a gray upholstery / shown in 61 Pure metal
and in HY Prima fabric
Gray bar stool with gold legs
^ Gray bar stool with gold base / shown in Gold metal and in Nubia 010 fabric

Shop Gray Bar Stools with Accent Color

Wesley Allen's Berkeley Swivel Bar Stool in Opaque Copper Metal and Gray Vinyl
^ Berkeley Swivel Stool
Shown in Opaque Copper metal
and in Halyard Pewter vinyl
Amisco's Button Dark Gray Backless Swivel Bar Stool with Gray Seat Cushion
^ Button Swivel Stool
Shown in 57 Metallo metal and in KE Cactus fabric
Amisco's Wyatt Gray Swivel Bar Stool with Green Seat and Back Cushion
^ Wyatt Swivel Stool
Shown in 73 Mineral metal and KE Cactus fabric
Gray Bar Stool with Green Accent Color
^ Aaron Backless Stool
in 24 Magnetite metal
and JS Breezy fabric
Gray Swivel Bar Stool with Red Accent Fabric
^ Brock Swivel Stool
in 24 Magnetite metal
and HB Flame fabric
^ Bray Swivel Stool
in 57 Metallo metal
and MB Iceberg vinyl

Gray Bar Stools for Farmhouse & Country Kitchens

For a farmhouse-style kitchen, consider gray wooden bar stools that feature a classic reclaimed look. These stools can add warmth and character to the space, while also blending seamlessly with a neutral color palette.

Alternatively, for a more industrial touch, gray metal bar stools can provide a modern edge while still fitting into the farmhouse aesthetic.

Shop Gray Farmhouse & Country Bar Stools

Gray farmhouse swivel bar stool
^ Camarillo Stool
Shown in Flint Rock Grey metal
and Fletcher Natural fabric
^ Sausalito Stool
Shown in Silver Palladium metal
and Aspen Pure White vinyl
Amisco's Linea Upholstered Stationary Counter Stools in Transitional Gray Kitchen

Contemporary Grey Stools

People like contemporary gray bar stools because they offer a sleek and sophisticated look that matches modern, minimalist interior design. They are designed with clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal ornamentation, which make them a perfect fit for contemporary spaces.

Moreover, gray is a versatile color that can easily blend with many different colors to offer a more versatile design palette for contemporary spaces.

Whether you opt for a gray metal frame, gray leather upholstery, or a combination of both, gray contemporary bar stools are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any modern space.

Shop Gray Contemporary Bar Stools

Amisco's Scarlett Modern Silver Bar Stool with Gray Seat Back Cushion
^ Scarlett Stool
Shown in 53 Dayglam metal and BP Pixel fabric
Wesley Allen's Hugo Modern Gray Backless Stool with Square Sled Legs and Seat Cushion
^ Hugo Stool
Shown in Flint Rock Grey metal and Loft Grey fabric
Amisco's Ronny Modern Silver and Gray Bar Stool with Low Back
^ Ronny Stool
Shown in 24 Magnetite metal and BP Pixel fabric
Amisco's Linea Modern Swivel Gray Bar Stool with Back
^ Linea Stool
Shown in 24 Magnetite metal and BP Pixel fabric
Amisco's Otis Modern Silver Backless Bar Stool in Gray
^ Otis Stool
Shown in 24 Magnetite metal and BP Pixel fabric
Trica's Liv Low Back Padded Cushion Swivel Bar Stool in Gray
^ Liv Stool
Shown in Carbon metal

Choosing Your Desired Characteristics


Bar stools are available in a range of seat heights to suit different counter or bar heights. The most common heights are 26″ for counter height and 30″ for bar height, while some stools are available in 34″ for spectator height.


Additionally, these stools may be swiveling or non-swiveling, with or without arms, and with or without a backrest, giving you plenty of options to choose from.


We offer a diverse selection of bar stools that cater to different styles and preferences. You can choose from various materials for the seat, such as fabric, vinyl, or leather, which come in a range of colors and textures to complement your decor.


The frames of our bar stools are made of high-quality materials, including steel or wood, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, we offer a variety of finishes to choose from.

Gray Wooden Bar Stools

Wood stools are a popular choice for many people due to their unique ability to convey a sense of warmth and sturdiness to any room.

Gray color, on the other hand, is often associated with modern and industrial styles. While it may seem contradictory to pair gray with wooden stools, it can actually work quite well. The neutrality of gray allows it to blend seamlessly with other colors, while also providing a cool and calming backdrop for the natural warmth of the wood.

Shop Gray Wooden Stools

^ Diaz Stool
Shown in 48 Earl Grey wood and BP Pixel fabric
^ Visconti Stool
Shown in 49 Mouse wood and L7 Stonehenge fabric
Darafeev's Metra Luxury Wood Swivel Bar Stools in Gray in Kitchen
^ Metra Stool
Shown in Ledge Rock wood and Geo Raven fabric

Gray Leather Bar Stools

Leather naturally repels stains and spills, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or spaces that are prone to messes. Additionally, gray is a practical color choice as it tends to hide dirt and stains well.

Leather is also hypoallergenic, which means it does not attract dust mites, pet dander, or other allergens.

Shop Gray Leather Bar Stools

Darafeev's 917 Swivel Wood Bar Stool with Gray Leather Back
^ 917 Stool
Shown in Matte Charcoal wood
and Saloon Fossil leather
Darafeev's El Dorado Luxury Black Wood Bar Stool in Leather with Nailhead Trim
^ El Dorado Stool
Shown in Black Graphite wood
and Saloon Grey leather
Darafeev's Ace Wooden Modern Swivel Bar Stool with Low Back in Gray and Black
^ Ace Stool
Shown in Matte Charcoal wood
and Saloon Fossil leather

Swivel vs. Non-Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel bar stools are a popular choice for many people because they offer a high level of convenience and comfort. Here are two reasons why:

  • Easy to get in and out: The swivel feature of these stools allows for easy entry and exit. You don’t need to slide the stool back to get out of it or twist your body to sit on it, which makes them ideal for small spaces or busy areas where people need to move around quickly.
  • Social interaction: Swivel bar stools are perfect for socializing. They allow you to easily turn and talk to people sitting nearby, which makes them ideal for bars, restaurants, and other social settings.

Non Swivel Bar Stools

While swivel bar stools offer a range of benefits, it’s worth noting that non-swiveling stools also have their advantages.

For one, non-swiveling stools typically occupy less space, making them ideal for smaller areas where space is a premium.

In addition, they are less likely to hit the counter edge, which can cause occasional damage in the case of swivel stools.

Amisco Aaron Backless Stool with Linear Base
^ Aaron Stool
Shown in 24 Magnetite metal and BP Pixel fabric
Wesley Allen's Pismo Modern Bar Stool with Back, Square Seat and Square Sled Base
^ Pismo Stool
in Silver Bisque metal
and vinyl
Trica's Zoey Modern Non-Swivel Counter Stool in Carbon Black Metal Finish and Branco 114 Fabric
^ Zoey Stool
in Meteor metal
and Branco 114 fabric

Determining the Best Stool Height

If you’ve been on the hunt for bar height stools, you know that the process can be quite daunting, given the vast range of options in terms of shapes and sizes. Finding bar stools that fit your unique requirements can be a real challenge.

Standard Height Ranges for Bars and Counters

However, most bars and counters fall within standard height ranges. Typically, standard kitchen counters are 36 inches high, while standard residential bars are 42 inches high.

Correspondingly, standard counter stools and standard bar stools are designed for these heights.

Importance of Taking Precise Measurements

That said, it’s essential to note that actual counters and bars can range several inches taller or shorter, so it’s always best to take precise measurements beforehand.

Bar Stool Heights Available

There are several different bar stool heights available in the market, each designed for specific uses and applications. They are:

  • Counter height stools typically have a seat height of around 24-26 inches, which is suitable for use with kitchen counters or bar counters that are 36 inches high. These stools are ideal for informal meals, breakfast bars, or for use in the kitchen area.
  • Bar height stools, on the other hand, are designed for use with higher bars or countertops, typically around 42 inches high. The seat height of bar height stools is usually around 28-30 inches, allowing the user to sit comfortably at the higher surface.
  • Spectator height stools, sometimes referred to as stadium height stools, are designed for use with even higher bars or countertops, such as those found in commercial settings or sports venues. These stools have a seat height of around 34-36 inches, allowing for comfortable seating even at a great height.
  • Finally, adjustable height stools come with a mechanism that allows the user to adjust the height of the seat to suit their requirements. These stools are versatile and can be used with a variety of surfaces, making them a popular choice for home and commercial settings.

Stools with Backs vs Backless Stools

Comfort Benefits of Stools with Backs for Extended Use

Stools with backs are often considered more comfortable for lounging and extended use than backless stools.

The addition of a backrest provides support for the lower back and helps to maintain proper posture, which can reduce strain and fatigue on the body.

This is particularly important when using the stool for extended periods of time, such as when working at a desk or table.

Amisco's Phoebe Swivel Silver Bar Stool with Gray and Seat and Back Cushion
Amisco's Rudy Backless Silver Swivel Bar Stool with Gray Seat Fabric

Minimalist Design of Backless Stools

Backless stools are minimalist in design because they eliminate the unnecessary bulk of a chair back. This design choice creates a sleek and clean aesthetic that appeals to those who prefer a simple and uncluttered look.

By removing the chair back, the stool takes up less visual space and allows for a more open and airy feel in a room.


We offer a wide variety of high-quality gray bar stools to fit any style and budget. With options ranging from modern to traditional, and materials such as wood, metal, and upholstery, you can find the perfect stool to complete their bar or kitchen island.