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Pub Tables & Bar Tables

Featuring the Bishop Pub Table by Darafeev

Bar tables, often referred to as pub or “high top” tables, offer elevated seating options when paired with bar stools. These tables are particularly advantageous in billiard rooms, allowing everyone to comfortably watch the game from a heightened perspective. Similarly, in the setting of a restaurant, bar, or pub, these bar tables facilitate an unobstructed view for guests aiming to watch the TVs. Learn more

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Why Bar Tables Are Trending in Modern Homes

These space-saving tables are are highly practical, often seamlessly fitting into both kitchens and informal dining rooms.

Their modern flair adds a chic depth to the room, with many designs emphasizing a sleek profile, especially suitable for smaller kitchen areas where space is at a premium.

Optimal Uses for Pub Tables


Imagine a high top table beside a large kitchen window, offering a relaxed and splendid view. They’re also perfect under central light fixtures or as the main dining piece.

Perfect under central light fixtures, these tables serve as an informal yet stylish main dining piece in many homes.

Space Savers

With their slim profile, bar tables are often tucked into corners for a minimalist aesthetic and space saving convenience. If you opt for a glass tabletop version, it further enhances the open, spacious feel.

Easier Accessibility

For individuals who find it difficult to sit down or stand up from lower seats, high top seating can be more comfortable and accessible.

Large Kitchens

When combined with a 36-inch high island or counter, the pub table provides balance and an appealing depth, achieving a multi-layered visual effect.

Beyond the Kitchen

The heightened seating gives an elevated viewpoint, making these tables popular by pool tables, in recreation rooms, or by tall living room windows. Imagine unwinding next to one with your favorite drink in hand.

Group Gatherings

High top tables can accommodate larger groups, making it easier for friends or colleagues to gather around and converse without feeling cramped.

Watching Sports

Sports bars often use high top seating to ensure that all patrons have a clear view of the TV screens, regardless of where they’re seated.

Quick Turnover

In fast-paced environments where the goal is quick service and turnover, like coffee shops during rush hours, high top seating can encourage quicker dining experiences.

Outdoor Venues

In outdoor settings like covered patios or rooftops, high top seating can provide a better view of the surroundings, making the experience more enjoyable for patrons.

Seat Pairing Tip

A 42-inch pub table pairs best with 30-inch seat stools. Also, clear glass tops are often chosen to showcase the intricacy of the table’s base design.

Understanding Pub Table Dimensions

Typically, pub tables stand at heights of 36 or 42 inches, and offer standard tabletop diameters of 36, 42, and 48 inches.

Choosing the Right Table Height

The best table height largely depends on your stool preference.

  • A 30-inch bar stool, while taller, offers a distinct elevated seating experience. This height is perfect for those who enjoy a panoramic view, whether at a bar setting or overseeing an open-plan living space. It provides a unique vantage point, making interactions lively and ensuring you’re always at the center of conversations. It also imparts a more formal and sophisticated ambiance to the seating area.
  • A 26-inch counter stool is closer to hip-level, which facilitates easier seating. This design makes it a preferred choice among senior citizens and those with mobility concerns, as it provides a seating height that’s more akin to regular dining chairs.

Simply Order a Table Base

You can order just the base or the whole set. Whether you already have a tabletop or plan to craft one yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Tabletop Insights

  • For Granite or Wood: We suggest Trica table bases crafted from sturdy steel, ideal for supporting heavier tops.
  • Wooden Tops: Inform us, and we’ll add welded brackets to your base for easy attachment.
  • Granite Tops: Given their weight, there’s no need for permanent attachment.
  • Glass Tops: Our tempered glass tabletops resist shattering. While durable, they can still chip or scratch, similar to a car windshield. They’re typically 1/2 inch thick with a 1-inch bevel for added strength and are fixed to bases using robust rubber suction.

Choosing the Right Base

  • Spacious Rooms: Wide bases are ideal.
  • Compact Spaces: Opt for a pedestal base for easy stool tucking. Remember, the tabletop diameter also dictates space utilization. For instance, a 36-inch table accommodates 2-3 stools, while a 48-inch table can host up to 5 or 6, depending on stool size.

Design Your Ideal Bar Table Now

Mix and match our table bases, glass sizes, and bar stools to craft your unique style.

For any customization beyond our offerings, simply reach out. We’re here to bring your vision to life.

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