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Fabric Bar Stools

Fabric bar stools have padding on the seats or seats and backs. This padding can consist of vinyl or fabric (a heavy duty grade upholstery) which will prevent wear and tear for many years.

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Don’t be afraid of using upholstered stools in your kitchen! With today’s technology, you can keep your stools looking beautiful for years to comes. 

  • Many are Scotchgarded which protects the fabric from food stains. They can be blotted down with a damp cloth and mild soap and water if food drops on the seats.
  • Vinyls, on the other hand, don’t need this treatment and can be washed down with mild soap and water and hand dried with a cloth.

The vinyls and fabrics are both equally durable, so either one isn’t better than the other. They’re both strong and long-lasting.

Easy to reupholster.

Most padded seats can be removed by unscrewing the 4 bolts under the seats for easy replacement. Some of the stools with the padded backs can also be removed depending on how they’re attached.

Recommended for maximum comfort.

Upholstered stools are recommended for maximum comfort over wood seats — and rightly so — you’re sitting on a much softer seat!

Send in your own material!

Most of our stools can be made with customers own material, so if you have your own style or color in mind, send us your fabric and we’ll have the factory put it on for you.

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