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Spectator Height Barstools to Match Any Interior


Spectator Height Bar Stools

Editors Note: This article has been updated on 3/20/2017 with additional information on the types of spectator height stools and styles.

Spectator height stools measure 34 inch from floor to seat. If the counter height of your bar or kitchen island is 44 inches or more, these stools are perfect.

Here’s a few of our most popular ones:

How They’re Used

Spectator Height Bar StoolsSpectator height stools are favorites for parties, because they make it easy for seated guests to mingle with people who are standing.

Great for Stadium Seating

They’re great for group viewing – big sports games, movies, awards shows, you name it. You can line them up behind the couch or along the back wall of the room to create stadium seating.

Types of Spectator Height Stools


Backless stools are great for kitchens where space is limited or if you want to keep the kitchen looking minimal. If you’re not planning on sitting on a backless stool for a long time, these will work for you. If you are, however, looking to sit in a stool for a long period of time, we recommend a stool with a back.

With Arms

Arms are a great way to add comfort when sitting on a stool for a long period of time. They allow you to sit back and relax. If you have room for them, arms will be a great additional to your kitchen or other space.


Have a tall outdoor bar? Our 34 inch spectator outdoor stools are perfect for your 44 or 46 inch high bar. They’re all-weather protected which means you can leave them outside and they won’t rust. They’ll also quickly dry, so you can get back out there and enjoy your patio. 

Styles of Spectator Height Stools


These stools are designed for the modern farmhouse, cozy cabin, or weathered barn. They allow you to bring in stools that convey a warm and inviting space. 

French Country

Bring a sense of old world style into your home with these French Country stools. Their soft and welcome appeal will add charm and elegance into your traditional kitchen.


Need a tall industrial stool? No problem! Bring that modern and old factory look into your kitchen with these stools, featuring a metal frame and wood or back seating.


Complete your modern kitchen or home bar with any of these spectator height stools, perfect for counters of 44 inches up to 46 inches. With simple lines and striking profiles, these stools add an on-trend look.


These extra tall traditional styled bar stools are great for homes with crown moldings, raised-panel cabinet doors and polished stone countertops. These stools are going to not only add a warm and inviting feeling, but they’ll create a timeless look.

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From traditional to modern to just plain comfy, there’s something for every interior. And with dozens of ways to customize each stool, you can always find your perfect spectator stool.

Barstool Buying Guide Shopping for barstools is like shopping for clothes – you need to find the right size, fit, and style or you’ll never want to use it. This quick PDF guide shows you how to choose the right barstools for your home or business.

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