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12 Best Stools for Your Kitchen Office Nook

As remote work becomes more prevalent, kitchens are increasingly doubling as home offices. Given its central role in households, it’s logical that people opt to work from the kitchen, resulting in more dual-purpose kitchen spaces.

“Following a kitchen renovation, one in five homeowners say that a top activity at their island is work (20%), up four percentage points from 2021. Homeowners are making space for this activity with nearly two in five islands stretching more than 7 feet in length (39%), up five percentage points from last year. Homeowners are also making the space brighter with the vast majority installing new light fixtures above islands (92%).”

Houzz, 2022 Survey

That being said, due to our sedentary lifestyle, we tend to spend long hours sitting. It’s now crucial to have comfortable seating that can endure extended periods without requiring frequent breaks.

To help you select the best option for your kitchen office nook, we have curated a list of our top 12 picks.


When it comes to comfort, the first thing that comes to mind is upholstery.

Although wooden seats are aesthetically pleasing and add warmth to a room, they may not provide sufficient comfort for extended periods. Prolonged use can result in discomfort in your lower back and glutes.

To ensure a comfortable seating experience, we suggest selecting an upholstered seat with thick padding that is not overly firm.

Here are three bar stools that meet these criteria and provide ample cushioning:

Trica's Biscaro Gold Bar Stool with Gray Seat and Back Cushion

Biscaro Stool

“The quality, comfort and style is fab!”
Kathy, SC

Darafeev's #915 Flexback Upholstered Swivel Wooden Stool with Back in Brown Finish

915 Stool

“Well packaged, easy assemble, very sturdy high quality chairs.”
John, MT

Amisco's Brixton Brown Metal Swivel Bar Stool with Seat and Back Cushion

Brixton Stool

“The stools look great and are super comfortable. I seriously LOVE them.”
Jennifer, CA

Deep and Wide Seats

When selecting a stool, it is essential to consider the seat’s depth and width. For taller individuals, deep seats, typically measuring 16 inches or more, are recommended to prevent feeling unstable on the stool.

Our stools typically have a depth ranging from 18-24 inches, ensuring maximum comfort for prolonged use.

Wide seats also contribute to a comfortable seating experience, as they provide ample room to sit without feeling constricted by the padding or armrests.

To help you find the perfect stool, we have curated a list of 3 options with deep and wide seats that offer superior comfort:

Leathercraft's Edwards 2878 Black Wood Bar Stool with Red Leather Curved Back

Edwards Stool

Width: 23″

Depth: 24″

Trica's Creation Collection Silver Swivel Metal Bar Stool with Palm Trees on Back

Creation Collection Stool

“My new counter stools are the most comfortable stools I have ever sat in and on top of that they are unbelievably beautiful! I love them!”

Amisco's Ethan XL Stationary Modern Upholstered Bar Stool with Low Back

Ethan XL Stool

Width: 19.5″

Depth: 22.5″

Curved Metal Backs

Out of the 6 bar stools that we have recommended so far, all feature padded backs. While padded backs contribute significantly to the comfort level, you may be considering a stool without back padding. In such cases, you may be wondering if the stool will provide sufficient comfort.

Our suggestion is that if the back is slightly curved, it will be comfortable enough.

To help you find a stool that meets these criteria, we have compiled a list of 3 stools with curved metal backs, designed to offer maximum comfort:

Amisco's Lincoln Modern Silver Bar Stool with Cross Back Design

Lincoln Stool

“I love my new barstools. They are perfect, very comfy & stylish.”
Cari, WA

Wesley Allen's Boston Swivel Barstool with Arms, Lattice Back Design and Square Seat Cushion

Boston Stool

“The stools have excellent quality, very comfortable, and swivel!!”
Susan, AZ

Wesley Allen's Edmonton Swivel Barstool with Back in Stainless Steel metal finish and Blue seat cushion

Edmonton Stool

“Gorgeous, high-quality well-made barstools with comfortable seat cushions.”
Victoria, WA

Padded Backless Stools

As previously stated, if comfort is a priority (and it should be!), we suggest selecting a bar stool with a back. However, we acknowledge that budget limitations and space constraints may only permit the use of a backless stool.

Now, what’s the secret to making a backless stool super comfortable? You guessed it: padding, padding, and more padding!

Trust us, you don’t have to compromise on comfort when it comes to a backless stool – just make sure it’s properly cushioned and you’re all set for a night of fun and relaxation.

Darafeev's 938 Wood Maple Backless Swivel Bar Stool

938 Stool

“Designer help with selection and all 5 stools were perfect!”
Geri, TX

Amisco's Miller Backless Brown Saddle Bar Stool

Miller Stool

“They are very comfortable. I am very pleased with the size of the seat.”
Sharon, SC

Holland's Misha #802 Backless Swivel Stool in Nickel Metal Finish and Teal Seat Cushion

Misha Stool

“The counter stools are exactly as we were hoping for, in addition to being fairly priced and very comfortable.”
Mary, FL

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