Washington “Quick Ship” Swivel Stool in Black or Brown

Callee Washington Swivel Brown Kitchen Stool
Callee Washington Swivel Brown Kitchen Stool Washington Black Swivel Stool by Callee for Traditional Kitchens Callee Washington Swivel Stool with Black Metal Finish Callee Washington Traditional Counter Stool in Black Washington Swivel Stool in Black for Traditional Kitchens Washington Traditional Swivel Counter Stool Near Kitchen Island

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Must order 3 or more — this brand only.

By selling these stools in sets of 3 or more, we're able to keep costs down, which allows us to pass that savings onto you in the form of free shipping.

You can mix-and-match, such as 2 stools with arms and 1 stool without.

If you are in the market for 1-2 stools, we suggest shopping for our Amisco, Holland, and Trica brands. These brands give us better shipping rates for smaller orders such as 1-2 stools.

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