Gwen Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stool

<strong>Seat Cushion</strong>: Veranda Cobalt
Outdoor Aluminum Stool with Arms by Lisa Furniture Gwen's Outdoor Swivel Metal Barstools with Arms in Spectator Height - Near Pool

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Must order 3 or more — this brand only.

By selling these stools in sets of 3 or more, we're able to keep costs down, which allows us to pass that savings onto you in the form of free shipping.

You can mix-and-match, such as 2 stools with arms and 1 stool without.

If you are in the market for 1-2 stools, we suggest shopping for our Amisco, Holland, and Trica brands. These brands give us better shipping rates for smaller orders such as 1-2 stools.

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