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Parsons Bar Stools

Featuring the Biscaro stools by Trica

The Parsons style showcases bar stools with sleek, linear legs extending directly from the seat corners. Full upholstery adorns the seat and back, while a majority remain non-swivel—though we feature a few swivel Parsons counter stools. Ideal for modern kitchens, these stools exude a sense of clean sophistication. Learn more

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Mastering Decor with Metal and Wooden Parsons Stools

Metal Parsons Stools: A Contemporary Statement

Metal Parsons stools introduce a modern flair to your space. The Biscaro stool by Trica stands out as an iconic design choice. This versatile stool can be tailored to seamlessly blend into any kitchen setting.

Opt for pewter-finished legs coupled with the chic Kimchee fabric adorned in black and gray dots for an edgy look.

But don’t shy away from experimenting:

  • Bold Colors: Vibrant shades like lime green, light burnt orange, mustard, and pale gray can instantly uplift a room.
  • Modern Patterns: Subtle patterns such as swirls, dots, and geometric designs further enhance the stool’s contemporary essence.

Wooden Parsons Stools

Wooden parsons stools bring a unique charm, with the ability to sway between contemporary and traditional vibes.

  • Contemporary Vibes: Much like its metal counterpart, wooden stools can adopt a modern look with similar colors and patterns.
  • Timeless Tradition: For a classic appeal, pick cherry or walnut legs paired with vinyl in deep, luxurious tones. Smaller patterns such as paisley, pin dots, or intricate multicolored stripes and checks work best. Avoid the funky, bright shades for a more conventional ambiance.

Customize with Barstool Comforts

Discover an array of parsons counter stools at Barstool Comforts. Our customization options empower you to match the exact vibe of your kitchen or desired space. Materials range from plush fabric and hassle-free vinyl to durable leather.

Shades & Patterns Galore

Dive into our color palette, from earthy browns and sophisticated blacks to vibrant reds, serene blues, and even playful pinks. Prefer patterns? Stripes and geometric designs are on offer.

Universal Appeal of Parsons Stools

Whether nestled in modern kitchens, classic dining rooms, or the trendiest of nightclubs, parsons stools effortlessly blend comfort with aesthetic charm, exuding a warm and inviting ambiance.

Enjoy comfort daily. Inspired by you.

At Barstool Comforts, you can get the quality and durability that you desire and deserve. Whether it’s for your kitchen counter, a commercial bar, a home bar, an outdoor bar, or something else entirely, there’s something in our collection you'll absolutely chair-ish.