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Brushed Steel Bar Stools

Featuring the Liv stools by Trica

Brushed steel bar stools boast a refined metal satin finish. This is achieved by meticulously polishing the metal surface, resulting in a distinctive ‘brushed’ appearance. With its sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, this finish is ideal for complementing modern kitchen interiors. Learn more

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Stainless steel kitchen with brushed steel bar stools

^ Stainless steel kitchen with Trica’s “Chateau” bar stool

Transform Your Space with Brushed Steel Bar Stools

Brushed steel, celebrated for its versatility in finish — from muted to a medium-shine, perfectly complements the sheen of standard stainless steel appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens.

Drawing inspiration from iconic structures such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and the legendary DeLorean car from “Back to the Future,” brushed steel epitomizes modern elegance.

Perfect Pairings in Design

Brushed steel stools are the ideal addition to contemporary or modern kitchens. Their neutral appeal enhances granite, Formica, and Corian countertops.

Regardless of the hue or pattern on your countertop, brushed steel seamlessly integrates with your décor and synchronizes with your stainless steel fixtures.

An added bonus: its buffed pattern minimizes the visibility of fingerprints compared to conventional stainless steel.

Crafting Brushed Steel: A Glimpse into the Process

Distinguished for its premium finish, brushed steel undergoes a meticulous polishing routine. Initially, the metal is refined using a 120 to 180 grit belt or wheel.

Subsequently, it’s softened with an 80 to 120 grit compound, or by employing an abrasive belt or pad.

Personalize Your Brushed Steel Bar Stools

Dive into personalization with our range of stools. Choose from an array of fabrics, vinyls, or even select leathers for the seat or back cushion.

Tailor the seat height to your preference, with options spanning from 26 inches and extending up to 36 inches in specific models.

Opt between stools boasting a supportive backrest or go for the minimalistic backless design.

While selecting your ideal finish, bear in mind that the durability of brushed steel rivals that of any powder-coated paint finish. Dive into our curated range and transform your space.

Chrome vs. Brushed Steel: Understanding the Distinct Finishes

Deciphering between chrome and brushed steel can be a challenge, especially when determining which is best suited for your decor.

Let’s demystify the differences:

Chrome Finish
  • Appearance: Chrome is renowned for its mirror-like shine, making it instantly recognizable. It boasts a bright, reflective, silvery finish that is reminiscent of classic car embellishments.
  • Brands Offering Chrome: Among our vast collections, our Holland brand showcases a range of elegant chrome stools that effortlessly radiate sophistication.
Brushed Steel Finish
  1. Appearance: Unlike chrome, brushed steel presents a more subdued appearance with its “fogged” or matte look. It refrains from reflecting its surroundings and offers a medium to dull shine, devoid of a mirrored finish.
  2. Brands Offering Brushed Steel: Among our vast collections, our Trica brand showcases a range of elegant brushed steel stools that effortlessly radiate sophistication.

Whether you gravitate towards the brilliant luster of chrome or the understated elegance of brushed steel, understanding these distinctions can guide you to make informed choices that harmonize with your space’s aesthetics.

Dive into our collection and discover stools that align with your vision.

Crafting the Perfect Industrial Aesthetic: A Step-by-Step Guide

Industrial-themed spaces, with their blend of raw textures and sleek finishes, have captured the hearts of design aficionados worldwide. At the core of this aesthetic lies the juxtaposition of the rugged with the refined.

While brushed and stainless steel play a pivotal role in bestowing that modern-industrial charm to kitchens, striking the right balance is key.

Here’s how to craft that chic industrial vibe without bordering on the sterile:
  • Balance with Warm Tones: Steel, in all its polished grandeur, can sometimes come off as too stark or cold. Counteract this by introducing warm tones — hues rooted in reds, yellows, or oranges. They infuse the space with warmth and vivacity.
  • Deliberate Color Choices: Look to integrate these warm hues in wall paints, seat upholstery for your stools, or ambient lighting. Even seemingly minor additions, such as vibrant paintings, blossoming flowers, or rich window treatments, can make a significant difference.
  • Area Rugs: A Subtle Statement: In spaces like pool rooms and home bars, consider laying down area rugs with warm, understated patterns. They not only add a touch of coziness but also beautifully complement your brushed steel stools.
  • Minimalism in the Kitchen: A quintessential industrial-modern kitchen celebrates the mantra of ‘less is more’. Avoid overwhelming the space with patterns. Instead, embrace solid colors and clean lines for that crisp, uncluttered ambiance. Picture this: pristine countertops, a couple of statement stainless steel appliances, and flooring in hardwood or monotone tiles.

Remember, the essence of the industrial look is authenticity. While it’s about showcasing materials in their raw, unrefined state, it’s also about ensuring the space feels lived-in, warm, and welcoming.

Dive into our curated collections and products to find the perfect elements to realize your industrial vision.

Top-Rated Brushed Steel Stools for Modern Spaces

Dive into the world of brushed steel stools with our bestsellers that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Here’s a closer look at the frontrunners:

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

Selecting the right stool can elevate the ambiance of your space. If you’re unsure or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Share with us a snapshot of your room, and we will curate recommendations tailored to your style and needs.

Expand Your Choices

Beyond our brushed steel collection, explore our diverse range of stainless steel bar stools. They flawlessly harmonize with stainless steel appliances, ensuring a cohesive look throughout your living space.

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