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Amisco is renowned for crafting contemporary bar stools that effortlessly blend modernity with timeless appeal. Each stool is meticulously conceptualized and constructed in Canada, ensuring unrivaled quality and craftsmanship. Brace yourself for the inevitable barrage of compliments and inquiries at your next dinner party, as guests will be clamoring to know the secret to your impeccable style.

For over 60 years, Darafeev has been producing luxury bar stools and game chairs.

Holland Bar Stool Logo

The Holland Bar Stool Company of Holland, Michigan, uses traditional American craftsmanship to make highest-quality bar stools and furniture. Holland’s wood products are made from solid Red Appalachian Oak or solid hardwood maple, and finished with the finest catalyzed lacquer in the industry. Metal stools are made from plating-grade steel and finished with an oven-baked powder-coat that is extremely durable and long-lasting.

For over 50 years, Leathercraft has dedicated itself to crafting the highest quality leather seating options. Nestled in the picturesque highlands of western North Carolina, Leathercraft stands out as a renowned specialist in leather, providing unparalleled freedom and flexibility to tailor their products according to your unique preferences.

Mallin Logo

For over 5 decades, Mallin has led the way in creating innovative outdoor patio furniture, with a special focus on seating options such as bar stools and chairs. Their effortlessly casual design fits perfectly into a wide range of outdoor and backyard environments, providing a mix of style, comfort, and robustness that withstands the elements and the passage of time.

Style Upholstering Logo

Style Upholstering Inc., boasting a remarkable 73-year legacy, epitomizes the pinnacle of skill and excellence in furniture production. Nestled in Hickory, North Carolina’s central region, this revered firm excels in crafting a splendid assortment of bar stools and chairs. These creations are a harmonious fusion of age-old mastery and contemporary aesthetics.

A metal and wood company, this furniture has lots of potential. Bar stools come counter, bar, and 34-inch spectator height. Consisting of metal and wood designs, they can be purchased in different wood tones, fabric colors, and metal finishes. They’re made of strong steel and offer ultra contemporary to traditional designs, which will add a fashion statement to any decor.

Wesley Allen creates American-made iron furniture of the highest quality. With heavy gauge iron, unibody construction and over 30 choices of the exclusive PowerBond™ finish, you get the perfect balance of form and function. Wesley Allen’s iron furniture blends beautifully into your living environment and lifestyle.