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Bar Stools for Small Spaces

Got a cozy little spot that needs some seating solutions, but worried about bulky bar stools cramping your style? Well, you’ve landed in the right place!

Understanding Space Constraints

Shopping for bar stools without first sizing up your space is like trying to bake a cake without checking if you’ve got all the ingredients—it can get messy. First, you have to play the numbers game.

  • Think about how much legroom you need,
  • How high your counter or bar is, and,
  • How many stools can comfortably fit.

You can find all of this and more in our height guide.

Selecting the Right Design

The Impact of Color in Small Spaces

Holland's Catalina Stainless Steel Swivel Bar Stools in Modern White Kitchen

It’s no secret that lighter colors can make a space feel bigger and brighter.

When you choose bar stools in light hues or with reflective surfaces, you’re essentially inviting more light into the area, which can help to visually expand the space.

Wesley Allen's Bali Low Back Gold Counter Stools in Modern Kitchen

However, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from color altogether.

A pop of color in a small space can add personality and depth, especially if the overall palette is neutral. The key is balance.

As shown, are the Bali narrow bar stools with backs.

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The Impact of Materials in Small Spaces

The material of your bar stool can greatly affect how light or heavy it appears in a space.

Metal or ChromeReflects light, contributing to a more open feel.
AcrylicA transparent material is practically invisible and make a space feel larger than it actually is.
Wood in Lighter FinishesCan add warmth without heaviness.

The Impact of a Bar Stool Design in Small Spaces

Design is where it all comes together. The overall design of a bar stool, including its shape and features, can significantly impact the visual spaciousness of an area.

Amisco's Marcus Nickel Modern Swivel Bar Stool with Seafoam Green Seat CushionSlim Profiles or Tapered LegsTake up less space, persevering the open feel of a room.
Amisco Aaron Backless Stool with Linear BaseBackless Bar StoolsEasy to slide under the counter.
Low Back Bar StoolsLess visually obstructive and depending on the height of your counter, you can slide them under the counter to create more space.

The Impact of Width & Depth in Small Spaces

WidthWhen dealing with limited counter space, it’s key to select narrow bar stools that have a smaller overall width.

To ensure each person has sufficient elbow room and comfort, it’s wise to maintain a spacing of approximately 6 to 10 inches between stools.
DepthWhen dealing with limited floor space, it’s important to select bar stools with a narrower depth.

Maximizing Comfort in Compact Spaces

Did you know that a truly comfortable space has the power to make you forget about your square footage limitations? Here’s key bar stool features to look out for.

Must-Have Bar Stool Features

The presence of features such as cushioning, footrests, and swivel mechanisms can remarkably boost comfort levels without needing more space.

CushioningA game-changer for comfort. Adds a layer of comfort without increasing the stool’s physical footprint.Invites longer sitting periods, turning quick meals into relaxing experiences. Enhances overall comfort.
FootrestsOffers a place for feet to rest naturally, integrated into the stool’s design.Reduces strain on legs and back, encourages ergonomic posture, and enhances sitting experience.
SwivelAllows for easy turning without moving the entire stool, useful in tight spaces for maneuverability and engaging in conversations.Adds flexibility and ease, improves engagement and maneuverability without requiring additional space.

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Visual Tricks with Bar Stools

Strategic Placement and Spacing

Adequate Spacing

When placing bar stools, it’s important to maintain enough space between them to avoid a cluttered look.

Mistake: Crammed Kitchen
Solution: Less Crammed Kitchen

As a general rule, aim for about 6 to 10 inches between each stool to provide enough elbow room for comfort.

For a small kitchen, we recommend looking for narrow counter stools which will allow you more room in between each stool.

Consider Placement

The placement of bar stools can also play a significant role in the overall feel of the space.

Positioning small bar stools under a counter or bar when not in use can keep walkways clear and maintain an unobstructed view throughout the space.

Holland's Misha Pewter Backless Swivel Bar Stool in Customer's Kitchen
Amisco's Bradley Backless Black Bar Stools in Modern Kitchen

Featured Bar Stools for Small Spaces

From sleek backless designs that tuck away under counters to comfortable stools with backs, and the convenience of swivel options to the simplicity of non-swivel, each piece is chosen with small spaces in mind. These small bar stools are here to prove that size doesn’t limit style or comfort.

Amisco's Aaron Modern Backless Gold Square Backless Stool

Aaron Stool
Width: 15″
Depth: 15″

Wesley Allen's Dumas Modern Black Bar Stool with Sled Base

Dumas Stool
Width: 15″
Depth: 18.5″

Amisco's Otis Black Modern Backless Stool in Blue Vinyl Seat

Otis Stool
Width: 17.5″
Depth: 17.5″

Wesley Allen's Sausalito Swivel Ivory Bar Stool in Blue Seat Cushion

Sausalito Stool
Width: 16″
Depth: 19″

Wesley Allen's Seattle Brushed Silver Stainless Steel Backless Saddle Bar Stool with Blue Seat Cushion

Seattle Stool
Width: 18.5″
Depth: 11″

Amisco's Sonoma Modern Low Back Black Bar Stool with Green Seat Cushion

Sonoma Stool
Width: 17.25″
Depth: 17.25″

Small Spaces, Big Style: Finding Your Perfect Bar Stool Match

Wrapping this up, I want to remind you that finding the right bar stools for those snug corners of yours isn’t just about measuring inches; it’s about making those small, cozy spots of yours shine.

We’re talking about those slim counter stools and bar stools for small spaces, bringing in both style and practicality without eating up all your room.

So, as you jazz up your kitchen or that tiny balcony, keep in mind that the right pick can transform your compact area into something inviting and stylish. Here’s to making the most of every inch with flair!

Small Kitchen Design Inspiration

Want more inspiration? Click the video below to explore over 40 uniquely designed small kitchen spaces that promise to spark your imagination.

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