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Creating the Ultimate Game Room — 40+ Ideas

Article updated on January 13 2024.

Now is the ideal time to build your dream game room.

With a large number of people working remotely, homes have become the central hub for work, leisure, and entertainment.

Whether you have a small vacant area, a spare room, or a basement, creating a dedicated space for relaxation and gaming can be a fantastic way to bring people together.

To inspire you, we have compiled a list of ideas that you can incorporate into your game room, along with some creative designs. From sleek and modern to cozy and traditional, we have something for everyone. So, get ready to unleash your inner gamer and take your gaming experience to the next level!

Game Room Ideas

While a standard game room may include a billiard table or dartboard, nowadays, people are taking creativity to new heights with innovative additions like:

Here are some inspiring ideas to include in your game or entertainment room:


  • Apple TV includes games
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Billiard Table
  • Bumper Pool Table
  • Chess Table
  • Dart Board
  • Foosball Table
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Pacman Arcade Table
  • Pinball
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Playstation
  • Poker or Card Game Table
  • Shuffle Board
  • Skee-Ball
  • Table Tennis
  • Xbox


  • Disco Ball
  • Jukebox
  • Piano, and other instruments
  • Record Player

On the Wall

  • Chalk painted wall for a chalk board
  • Dart Board
  • Axe Throwing Board
  • Projection screen for movie nights or video games

For Large Game Rooms

  • Basketball Court
  • Bowling Lanes
  • Fireplace
  • Golf Simulator
  • Home Theater with Reclining Chairs
  • Wine Cellar


  • Bean Bags
  • Full Bar
  • Built-in Bar
  • Rolling Bar Cart
  • Pub Table with Stools

Outside the Box Ideas

  • Chalkboard Game Table
  • Fish Tank
  • Bookshelf

Fun Additions

  • Gumball Machine
  • Slurpee Machine
  • Soda Maker
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Popcorn Maker

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Multifunctional Poker Dining Tables

If your game room or gaming space is limited in size, selecting items that serve multiple functions can be a smart choice.

Our versatile tables are perfect for gaming, playing poker, and dining, all in one design. You can easily switch between the dining side and the poker/board game side by flipping over the tabletop.

We love tables like this!

Here’s 3 tables from our collection:

Game Room Designs

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