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5 Ways Modern Homes Are Using Pub Tables… with Examples

Pub tables today are surging in popularity and are being used for more than just a bar or pub. Here’s 5 ways this hot trend is being used in homes.

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1. Pub Tables for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, a pub table will be a big space-saver for you! These high table tops can seat 2, 3, 4 or more people, depending on the size you get. They typically come in square, rectangular and circular sizes. 

A pub table, being that it’s higher than a dining table, will give the kitchen a multi-dimensional look. Here are some examples:

2. Pub Tables in Game Rooms & Near Billiard Tables

Often times, you’ll see a pub table in a game room next to a pool/billiard table. They’re brilliant for overseeing the game as they’re higher than the table. Here are some inspiring examples:

This next example is really clever. Note the four stools against the wall with a pub table in the middle of the two and a pub table on both side. This ensures each guest gets their own table and all four chairs are facing the action.

These small pub tables are a fun additional to this game room, which features a ping pong table:

Similar stools:

Amisco Architect Backless Screw Stool with Seat Cushion
Architect Screw Stool
Amisco's Architect Industrial Silver Bar Stool with Wood Back in Gray
Architect Screw Stool
Architect Screw Stool
Architect Bar Stool

3. Pub Tables in Wine Cellars

So, you love wine. And you probably like to sit and chat while drinking wine, right? So turn your wine cellar into THE spot in your house! Take a look at how these designers turned the wine cellar into more than just, well, a wine cellar:

Bar Stools in Modern Wine Cellar

Don’t have much room in your wine cellar? A simple pub table is just fine without seating, as it allows guests to stand around the table and mingle for a bit.

4. Pub Tables Provide a Superb View

Are you blessed with a breathtaking view? If so, a pub table is a sure win! It’ll bring you up a little higher and make you feel on top of the world. Plus, these make for a romantic evening after the sun goes down.

A metal and wood round pub table with four industrial style bar stools near a window
Architect stools with the Norcross Pub Table

Shop this look:

Architect Screw Stool
Architect Bar Stool
Architect Backless Stool with Wood Seat by Amisco
Architect Backless Bar Stool

Pub Tables in Dining Rooms

This example below shows a mix-and-match style pub table with two styles of stools with a rectangular wood shaped pub table. It’s a really fun addition to this space, especially right next to the window.

There’s nothing like drinking coffee in the morning and hearing the birds chirping. Or maybe it’s just me! Here’s a beautiful dining room pub table set:

Treviso bar stools by Darafeev
Shown with the Treviso bar stools by Darafeev
Wembley bar stool by Amisco
Game pub table set with bar stools in dining room near fireplace

Our Pub Tables:

Trica Astro Modern Dining Table
Trica Rome Table with Round Glass
Holland's #214-16 Table with Chrome Base and Black Round Top
214-16 Chrome

How do you use a pub table?

From the kitchen to the game room, there’s a lot of uses for a pub table. It can bring depth to a room and create a fun atmosphere. How do you use your pub table? Let us know so you can inspire others.

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