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3 Ways That Bar Stools Are Better Than Chairs

Every type of seat has its strong points. Here are three ways that bar stools are better than chairs. Keep these secret advantages in mind as you look for seating for your home or business…

Easier to stand up or sit down.

This is great for parties where guests alternate between sitting down and getting up to mingle.

It’s also helpful when you’re playing stand-up games that go in turns, like darts or pool.

And most importantly, when you’re watching a sports game, it’s easier to jump out of your bar stool and cheer for the big plays.

Amisco's Wembley Upholstered Swivel Bar Stool with Low Backrest next to Pub Table
Lady sitting a bar table sitting up high, good for posture

Keeps you more alert or relaxed.

There’s a reason why architects and artists have traditionally worked at a drawing board while perched on a stool. A plain stool without a back or arms can improve your posture and keep you awake, alert and focused.

But when you add the back and arms, the basic bar stool turns into a comfortable, relaxing seat that’s perfect for kicking back with a drink. A parsons stool with just a back offers the perfect in-between.

Better to swivel with.

In places like parties or bars, it’s great to swivel so you can always be in on the action.

When you sit in a bar stool, your feet are usually on a footrest, directly under your body. This foot position gives you leverage to swivel with ease.

With swivel chairs, your feet are positioned in front of you. This puts a much greater strain on your abs and knees. It’s less comfortable – and it reminds you of sitting in your office desk chair.

Group of friends sitting and swiveling at the bar.

9 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Bar Stools:

  1. Improve your posture – Bar stools help you get your feet under your body and your spine lifted straight, giving you a healthy, alert posture that makes it easy to focus on your work.
  2. Feel the high-altitude exhilaration – You know how you feel alive on top of a mountain? Sitting up high in a bar stool can get your blood pumping compared to slouching in a low-to-the-ground chair. And that means your brain and your muscles are ready to perform.
  3. Breathe better – One reason you can be more alert in a stool is because your good posture has opened up your lungs. You’re breathing deeply now, flooding your brain with all sorts of productivity enhancing oxygen. Go you!
  4. Stand and stay healthy – Every news site in the world has run an article on how you should break up bouts of sitting with standing and movement. It’s easy to go from sitting to standing to sitting again with a barstool. Bar stools help you take a standing break and keep working at the same time.
  5. Stir up new ideas – Add little walks to your standing breaks. Popping to your feet – so easy with a bar stool – and walking around the room can get the thoughts flowing, improving your creativity.
  6. Get inspired by the view – If you’ve been sitting at a low desk, moving to a bar stool and a higher work surface can give you a whole new view. And that means new inspiration.
  7. Enjoy the boost of a new location – Maybe you’ve been working in your home office for a long time. Switch it up, bring your laptop down to the kitchen island, and grab a stool. If you can resist polishing off the chocolate ice cream, the new spot might be the productivity booster you’ve been looking for.
  8. Swivel and think – If you’re lucky enough to have a bar stool with a swivel seat, just rotating back and forth can create the motion and movement necessary to whip up all sorts of productive insights – and it also counts as an ab workout.
  9. Have a Drink – If all else fails, grab a seat at your home bar and pour yourself a glass of liquid genius.

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