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Lisa Furniture

Lisa Furniture, which was founded in 1983 and offered high-quality barstools and dining chairs.

Their most popular bar stool was the #2545 Tilt Swivel Stool which is the one featured on the left.

However, the company eventually ceased its operations in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Lisa Furniture close?

They closed around February 2021.

Can I still purchase Lisa Furniture products from another retailer or website?

Unfortunately, since the manufacturer itself closed down, retailers no longer have the ability to sell their products.

Is there any way to get repairs or replacements for my existing Lisa Furniture products?

Some of the parts like the tilt swivel mechanisms and bushings are available through If you need to purchase foot glides, we recommend

Are there any similar brands or products that I can consider as an alternative to Lisa Furniture?

Lisa Furniture was best known for their #2545 Tilt Swivel Bar Stools. We currently offer two tilt swivel bar stools from our Wesley Allen brand: Portland and Windsor.

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