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Denae, Oregon (3 stars)

“The quality and delivery was great. However the customer service was lack luster and the added “distress” patterns looked forced and were the exact same on both pieces. The customer service representative was satisfied with my discontent and didn’t make any efforts to reconcile other than explaining it was nothing out of the ordinary.”

Amisco's Bean Swivel Stool with Distressing on Wood Backs
^ Wood Finish: 87 Toasty

Reply from Barstool Comforts: Hi Denae, I apologize for making you feel like we did not care about what you received. That is not the case at all and we strive to make sure every one is well taken care of.

When I spoke with Amisco, they had assured me that these are the way they intend to be when they shipped them and that there is nothing we can do. Here is what Amisco states:

“The characteristic of our distressed wood pieces are available on our website. The information is clear, we offer distressed wood that might have natural features such as knots and cracks. Besides the natural marks, we add manual marks such as worm holes, tool marks, screw marks etc. Our products are high quality furniture that are produced in high volume. One must keep in mind that those stools are not made by a cabinetmaker that would produce only Bean stools with unique features for each wooden backrest. That said, the only wood backrest that we have for a Bean stool is with distressed wood.”