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9 Charming Farmhouse Style Bar Stools

Bring charming style with these 9 Farmhouse bar stools which create a relaxing vibe and are beautiful for your kitchen.

From top to bottom, left to right:

Cosmo • ButtonSaddle DishKentAnnabelle • Gatlin • 3160 Hampton • LouisSausalito

Farmhouse Bar Stools in Homes

Below, are three variations of our farmhouse stools, perfect for your kitchen, dining room, or home bar.

Sausalito stools in this farmhouse kitchen.
Farmhouse Kitchen with Backless Farmhouse Bar Stools
Miller backless saddle bar stools shown in modern farmhouse kitchen featuring hardwood flooring, pendant lighting, shades of whites and browns, creating an inviting space.
Grace backless swivel stools in farmhouse style kitchen.

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