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Our Bar Stools Are a Good Investment

The Importance of Durable Seating

Today’s kitchens have transformed into multi-functional spaces where people not only cook, bake, and eat, but also entertain, socialize, and even work or do homework. This evolution has led to an average of over three hours a day being spent in the kitchen, making it a central hub of daily life.

“Given all of this activity, it is not surprising that nearly two-thirds spend over three hours a day in their kitchen.”


As a result, the increased time spent in kitchens has changed how we use furniture like bar stools and chairs. These pieces are no longer just occasionally used items; they are now a part of our daily routine, being sat on, swiveled, and moved frequently. This shift underscores the need for durable, high-quality seating designed to withstand prolonged and daily use.

Our Bar Stools’ High-End Materials

Heavy-duty metal frames

Ensures your bar stools break down over time, as their joints are welded.

Extra strong swivel plates

Extra strong swivel plates

Ensures your swivel bar stools continue to work as smoothly as the day you bought them.

Best wearing fabrics

Best wearing fabrics

Ensures your cushions will stay true to color and wearability over a long period of time.

Our bar stools are made for 10 … 15 … 20+ years of daily use.

Customize Our Chairs Even After Moving

Change the seat or back cushion color by reupholstering it.

Simply, unscrew the 4 bolts underneath the seat and the seat pad will come off. We recently reupholstered one of our kitchen stools. It was quick, easy, and made the stool look fresh. Or, you can purchase new seat or back cushions from us, upholstered in the color of your choice. Contact us to order new cushions here.

Make your base taller or shorter.

How? By purchasing a new base of a different height. It’s better than throwing away a beloved stool (and cheaper than buying the whole stool).

Convert a swivel stool to a fixed-seat stool.

How? By installing a screw underneath the seat which will prevent the stool from swiveling. This works great for customers who have kids. When the kids get older, simply take the screw out and your stool is back to swiveling.

Long-Term Savings with Our Durable Furniture

Our customers consistently find value in investing in our bar stools, often saving hundreds of dollars over time. This is a testament to the long-term financial benefits of choosing our durable and high-quality furniture.

“I’ve had 2 identical barstools for over 10 years. They have been heavily used, but are in great shape and still very comfortable. People are shocked when I tell them how old they are. You can buy cheaper ones, but you are getting your money’s worth and more with these!”

Mark, Wisconsin

“Matched 5 year old bar stools perfectly. They came in before scheduled delivery week packaged. Everything was perfect!”

William, Kansas

“We have had two of these chairs for 8 years and they have shown no wear at all. When we built our new house, we wanted to match the chairs and were able to do this easily with the great customer service we received!”

William, Kansas

“We have this product or such a chair for about 13 years and these we purchased for our kids as they loved the look and the feel of them. So now it is in two households and two generations.”

Rachel, Massachusetts

“We are incredibly pleased with our bar stools! The quality is as good as it was on stools we purchased more than 10 years ago! Great job!”

Mark, Wisconsin

They did it because they’re smart. And you are, too.