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Saddle Bar Stools

Featuring the Miller stools by Amisco

Saddle bar stools have a gentle slope in the middle of the seat which imitates a saddle. Most saddle stools on the market lack upholstery, but we offer the following stools with padding for comfort. Learn more

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Why Opt for Saddle Bar Stools? An Expert Guide

Distinctive Comfort

Saddle bar stools showcase a distinctive design characterized by their approximately 11-inch deep by 18-inch wide rectangular seat.

This ergonomic structure not only offers an inviting alternative to conventional square and round seats, but also ensures optimum comfort.

Typically constructed with robust wood or a fusion of a steel frame and upholstered seat, they are both stylish and comfortable.

Space-Saving Design

If you’re pressed for space in your kitchen or have a tight walkway surrounding your island, saddle bar stools are the perfect solution.

Unlike stools with protruding backs, saddle stools are crafted to snugly fit under countertops with an overhang ranging from 12 to 16 inches.

This ensures unobstructed passage, especially useful for L-shaped islands where saddle stools can be strategically positioned at the short end. This neat design means less crowding and more efficient space utilization.

A Minimalist Look

For those seeking a minimalist look that emphasizes their countertop’s beauty, saddle stools are your go-to. Their subtle low-profile design accentuates materials like granite, marble, or other exquisite surfaces.

If you yearn for this seamless appearance, but still prefer stools with backs, consider options with open wood or metal back designs. These designs seamlessly integrate aesthetics and function while allowing your countertop to shine through.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy

Despite their seemingly delicate appearance, saddle counter stools are renowned for their lightweight and durable nature.

Their design, which contours to your body, often surpasses the comfort of regular flat wood seats, making them an excellent choice for both functionality and relaxation.

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Should you have any inquiries regarding saddle stools or need assistance in incorporating them into your kitchen or home bar, we’re at your service.

We’re passionate about helping you achieve your design aspirations. Reach out via phone or email, and let’s transform your space together.

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