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2022 Black Friday Sale for Bar Stools & Chairs

We’re excited to offer you the following discounts:

Darafeev$50.00 off per itemdarafeev50915 Stool & Chair
Darafeev$50.00 off per itemdarafeev50917 Stool & Chair
Darafeev$50.00 off per itemdarafeev50938 Stool
Darafeev$50.00 off per itemdarafeev50960 Stool & Chair
Darafeev$50.00 off per itemdarafeev50Gen Stool
Darafeev$50.00 off per itemdarafeev50Milano Stool
Darafeev$200.00 off per itemduke200Duke Poker & Dining Table
Darafeev$250.00 off per itemtrestle250Trestle Poker & Dining Table
Fairfield Chair$70.00 off per itemfairfield70All bar stools and chairs
Holland Co.$20.00 off per itemholland20All bar stools and chairs

If you need 8 items or more, please contact us for a special coupon.